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Image by Arjan Richter via Flickr

This Sunday we have local elections in Spain and there are fears that with changes in some regional governments we will know more about the real debts of regional governments. In Catalonia we have local elections only. Last November we had elections and we had a change of government. Some months ago the Catalan government talke about cuts in education and health but now, because of the election this Sunday, there is silence about it.

But as I have said after this Sunday we may have bad news from Spain because once the elections have passed then we may know about the real debts and the cuts needed too.

What you can read in the article of the Financial Times is quite known in Spain but I just want to say that some peole in Spain are using the crisis to attack the system of 17 autonomies in Spain. When the real big debt comes from central government.

In Catalonia we pay a lot of taxes and we receive less than we give to the other parts so now when the central governments asks us to cut and cut the feeling is a bit awful.

The news about Catalonia differ a lot if they come from Catalonia or from Barcelona. I do not know why but the Financial Times always offers the version from Madrid.


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