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Puerta del Sol

Image by ^Thais^ via Flickr

It is almost midnight. The whole day I have been thinking about two famous squares: PUERTA DEL SOL in MADRID and PLAÇA CATALUNYA in BARCELONA. I think this is the third or fourth post I write in this blog about the protests.

#notenomosmiedo comes from “no tenemos miedo” which means “we are not afraid”.

Now there are people in both squares but the situation is completely different. In Barcelona there are not so many people and there is no ban, at least not yet. In Madrid there are thousands of people. The images on tv are impressive! And police asks for identification and tells the people that the protest is banned. In fact Madrid electoral authority has banned the gathering!

So it is a difficult situation! And a surprise just in the middle of the election campaign. The protest is not related to any political party.

I have been watching newspapapers this midday and the left newspapers just write about the protest. Right newspapers seem not to be so happy with the protest.

In Catalan tv, TV3, it seems to me that they just try to be neutral and so most newspapers in Catalonia.

But I cannot feel relaxed with this situation. Thousands of young people in Madrid in an unauthosrised gathering in the center of town in the middle of an election campaign seems to me to be very worrysome.

If you take into account too that after the elections we may know better the real debt in Spain and then have more and more cuts the situation does not seem good.

So, I am happy that young people protest because with 40% unemployment and with a bleak future this is the least they can do, I imagine. On the other hand as the protest in Madrid is now unauthorised I am very worried that we may have some big trouble.

Images of young people and police in a battlefield or something awful are the last thing I want to see. So I hope that the police are in good hands so that the weight up the fact that the gathering is unauthorised and the fact that breaking it could be very dangerous and have very bad consequences. I hope all people in Madrid try to stay calm. Whatever happens in Madrid I am sure it would have consequences in other parts of the Iberian peninsula.

For the generations before the young one, the future looked gorgeous. We had entered Europe and each day we were wealthier. Europe was a place that gave us a lot of money so that we could ressemble the wealthy part of Europe. The future looked quite interesting. On the other hand now the young may see themselves as a loss generation, half without job, with a Europe that just means cuts and cuts and more cuts. Where is the hope then?

Myself, I am optimistic. I know that in the following years the situation is going to be quite bad in Spain and in Catalonia but I also know that we can learn a lot from the mistakes we have made. When the things were nicer here I was able to travel through different countries and I saw things. It is true that now the situation is not good but these last years we have learnt. Some decades ago in Spain we were just fighting to have a democracy. Now we are just fighting a crisis.

During years we have been receiving foreigners here because here was a nice place to live and to work. Maybe it is time now for us to travel abroad to find new lives, new jobs. There is life ouside too!

I think that we just should be more humble and live with less. Learn to live in a good way with less. Putting lights off when not necessary. Using public transport. Not wasting food.

Japan has had a terrible tsunami but the world trusts their people. Their economy is trusted. In Spain we should learn from Japan. We have had not a tsunami. We are just having a huge economic crisis. But if we trust each other we can survive.

I just look around the world and see so many countries that are much worse economically than Spain that I just think we should be more optimistic and thankful for what we have. We are not dying of hunger, we have had not the Lorca earthquake in all towns of the country, we are not killing each other in a stupid war. We still eat, we still love, we just need to be strong and demosntrate to the world that besides being the sunny side of Europe walso have some proud left. 

I just pray for all the people in Puerta de Sol and the police so that nobody gets hurt. All my love to them.


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