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When you think about Barcelona and Madrid it is very easy to think about FC BARCELONA and REAL MADRID and you imagine two cities filled with rivalry and foe.

But this is not always the case. Back in 2003, the terrorist attack in Madrid united both cities very much. The day after the attack Barcelona had a demonstration against terrorism so big as if the attack had happened in Barcelona. Barcelona citizens showed that, when we are really neede, we love the citizens of Madrid. Much. Very Much.

Now this Sunday there were different demonstrations around the Spanish state. There were about DEMOCRACIA REAL JA! which means REAL DEMOCRACY NOW!

Now, at this time in PUERTA DEL SOL in Madrid and in PLAÇA CATALUNYA in Barcelona there are people there sleeping or protesting! THIS IS CRAZY!

All this has been done thanks to Internet social networks!

At the same time we have local elections and some regional elections just this Sunday! So wha tit is happening now in Spain is really really very very new and strange!!

On one hand we have an election soon and the politicians go each day through the cities as always. On the other hand we have now a protest born in Internet which is against corruption, the power of the banks and wants a real democracy. In some way, this protest is challenging the current political situation.

In Spain 40% of youth are jobless.

I do not know what will happen but now the news on the Spanish nespapers is not the elections but the situation in the Puerta del Sol, Plaça Catalunya and other places.

Nothing similar had happened again!


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  1. Wow! I see that there are almost not news in English media about what is going on in Spain with the protests! There are main news in Spanish newspapers.

    In the Catalan newspapaer ARA I have found this: where there is even a link to a web with the sites of camping!

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