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Image by NASA Goddard Photo and Video via Flickr

Some minutes ago the BBC has published an article about the protests that are taking place in Spain and that ressemble the ones in Egypt. I have written some posts about the protests that began on Sunday.

The situation in Egypt some months ago and now in Spain is quite different so that in Spain and in Catalonia I think that the protest can be good as a way of really improving democracy. I have the feeling that what is happening in Spain will reach all Europe and even the US.

Current democracy is much better than dictatorship but it can be improved and it shold be improved. At least in Spain.

In Spain we have 40% of youth jobless! The least that this young men and women can do is to protest!

Maybe in 20 years time the people who govern Spain will have been born in the potests of today.

I think that the protest in Egypt was very much focused in Tahrir Square because they needed a place to be strong. But in Spain, as we already have a democracy there is not reason why the protest should not be done in all the squares of all the cities and all villages of Spain!

I hope this happens in Catalonia. It is happening in Barcelona ( #acampadabcn ) and, for example, this evening there is the possiblity that a camp begins in Tarragona ( #acampadatgn )

All this is a bit crazy. I am connected to Internet very much but I had no idea that Sunday there was going to be a demonstration (READ DEMOCRACY NOW or DEMOCRACIA REAL JA in Catalan and DEMOCRACIA REAL YA in Castilian) But when I read about that demonstration and the fact the protest was born in Internet I knew immediately that there was the possibility that something important was happening. I had that feeling.

About 200 hundred people slept in Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona. The young people have all the right to protest: they are seeing that their hopes are being vanished and they have not done anything wrong.

80% of Spanish people who can work work but the other do not. I find perfect that AT LAST, some kind of revolution starts in this part of Europe.


I think that the importance of the protests in Spain is due to the fact that the Arab spring is entering Europe too! And Spain is a very special place because during 700 hundred years it was under Muslim domination (Alhambra in Granada tells us the good things that the Muslim world left in this part of Europe)

I feel very proud that the Arab spring comes to Europe through Spain because it is a way for Spain to mixing past with future. We touch the Arab world, our blood is filled with Jewish and Arab blood, and we take the good things from the Arab world! And the Arab world, now has shown that their youth are brave people who have even dies for democracy!

It is obvious that in a country with 20% of jobless something is wrong and I hope these protests can be useful to take conscience that we cannot continue like before. If people protest this means that people want a better world. And that it is a big step. Until now, we were just angry but did nothing.


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