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Puerta del Sol (square) in Madrid (Spain).

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It seems that some newspapers from the right in Spain are angry with the protests taking place in Puerta del Sol square in Madrid and in other places of the state.

It seems to me quite funny because the political parties are always telling us that abstention is so high and they seem to want the people to participate in democracy. BUT WHEN THE CITIZENS TAKE CARE OF DEMOCRACY WITHOUT MEDIATORS THEN IT SEEMS THAT THE POLITICAL PARTIES DO NOT LIKE IT MUCH!

So what’s democracy? Just a bunch of political parties or the will of its citizens?

In the traditional system with the political parties the politicians speak each day and tv just shows what they say. And that’s ok. When the citizens go to the street to express their indignation then they are accused of damaging the electoral process? The electoral process of who? Of the traditional parties? Where is the sovereignty of the people? In the people or in the political parties?

In Spain we come from a horrible dictatorship so the current democracy is a blessing in comparison with the Franco regime. But there are young people in Spain that they have always live in democracy but at the same time they are jobless. They only see that a generation that is older than them rules the country and not the government or opposition seem to bring a credible solution to the jobless situation of the youth.

So, this young people, just some days before an election go to the street to show their indignation. What’s wrong with that? I feel it is shameful to say that their gathering is been banned because it can affect the election!

So a xenophobic and racist party like PxC in Catalonia can say barbarities against the immigrants and there is not problem whatsoever but they youth cannot express their indignation in the streets?

It is obvious that the rules of the electorl system in Spain are though for the parties not for the citizens!

The youth in the Arab countries have given us a lesson. Now the youth in Madrid, barcelona have given us again a lesson! I want their democracy! Not the old-fashoined one we have now!

We need fresh blood and a sytem where democracy is not just some parties being elected each four years. Thats parties democracy. Not citizens democracy!


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