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As I follow the protests in Barcelona and Madrid these last hours I see clearly how important Twitter has become in our lives.

Thanks to Twitter (and Facebook too) these protests are taking place. But, will this always be like this?

Some may say, that in the future we may have another thing and we just will change from Twitter to whatever. This may happen but I have the feeling that what can happen in the future can be of another kind.

I think that there is the possibility that a lot of humans get tired of so much stress related to the new technologies! Sometimes, with Twitter, one has the feeling that the world is going to end just tomorrow!

I have the impression that we may stay during some years with a lot of use of Twitter (or analogue tools) and with profound changes in society (like it is happening in Egyipt) But there will be a time that people will get tired of Twitter!

I say that because I am already beginning to be tired of it. A human being is a human being and I think that Twitter is too much for a human mind. At least if we have to be like these last hours.

I feel so much stress with the events taking place now in Spain. The elections are always stressful because you do not know who will win and the different political parties argue sometimes in a very bitter way. And there are the xenophobic and racist parties. If one has a bit of sensitivity an election can affect you a lot. But if you add this to what is happening now in Spain with the Puerta del Sol square full of people even if there is a banning then one cannot relax. If you add to this the stress of thses last weeks as Portugal needed a bailout and Spain could be next, well, all this means that there are alot of things to be stressed nowdays. And Twitter does not help much to relax, does it?

So, maybe there will be a day where a lot of people will be against new technologies and they will protest in oder to be able to live in a more relaxed way.

Twitter can be good as it means that people can rearrange protest and change but at the same time it makes life very unpredictable and this can cause a lot of stress. So, I am afaid that in the long run, the generation of Twitter there will be one day that they will be sorry to have had an account in Twitter. It is so much better to go to the countryside and listen to silence and look at the grass.



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