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I just have read news that could have a big impact in one of the most famous symbols of FC BARCELONA and its current coach PEP GUARDIOLA.

Some months ago Spain and Portugal united for a bid for the Worlf Football Cup (2018 or 2022?) I think people should be free so I have nothing against Guardiola not joining this bid. Anyway, I just felt a bit strange that he joined the bid of Qatar, but once again, was his choice.

Now I just have read that FIFA may repeat elections for the World Cup 2022. Suspicious of bribery from Qatar maybe behind possible Sepp Blatter decision of thinking about a repetition of the election.

As Guardiola was with Qatar bid if there is a repetition of the elction this seems to me to put a lot of doubts about Qatar bid.

On the other hand people in Qatar consider Guardiola as his own son and president of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, likes to speak well about Qatar. In fact Qatar is paying milions and milions to Barça and next season Barcelona will wear a TSHIRT where in the front part you will read “QATAR FOUNDATION”. It seems that Guardiola has been also quite important to this approach between Qatar and Barcelona. He also likes the deal.

So, if finally FIFA decides to repeat elections because of the suspicious against Qatar, then the word Qatar in Barcelona tshirt would be something terrible for FC Barcelona and the image of Catalonia and Barcelona worldwide.

It is early to say but for some months you can see already Guardiola and his players with the Qatar logo. Not in official games but as they prepare for the games.

All this makes me think that nothing comes for free in this life and that the most expensive sponsorship that Barcelona has had can prove that: very expensive indeed!


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