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Puerta del Sol (square) in Madrid (Spain).



Now, in Twitter one of the Worldwide TT is III República and in this post I want to explain in English what’s all about this of “III REPÚBLICA”.

Let me start from the beginning.

Since Sunday there have been protests in Spain. One of the main protests has been the one in the center of Madrid. In PUERTA DEL SOL. A lot of people there are young people. All began asking for a DEMOCRACIA REAL YA! which means REAL DEMOCRACY NOW! As you can imagine in a country with 40% of the youth jobless it is not so strange that some kind of protest has taken place here.

This protest has been a bif surprise and the media here have talked a lot about this protest. In some way Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, could come to mind just watching Puerta dle Sol full of people.

The political parties in Spain have been taking by surprise and most media have just tell its readers what is happening.

There is one newspaper that it is called La Razón which it is related to the right in Spain. This Friday on its main page it wrote BOICOT A LA DEMOCRACIA. In smaller words it wrote III REPÚBLICA. With this frontpage it seemed that the newspaper wanted to say that the protest was a boycott to democracy (the protest has been banned for Saturday and Sunday and a possible defiance I imagine it is the cause why La Razón used the word boycoot) he newspaper also says III República as meaning that the protesters are heading for a 3RD REPUBLIC.

If you read tweets with “III REPÚBLICA” you will see that the tweets refer to La Razón frontpage.


Well, there can be different reasons. Some people are angry with LA RAZÓN because they feel that LA RAZÓN is trying to associate a non political protest to people who are fighting for a III REPÚBLICA. The funny thing is that we are talking about III REPÚBLICA not because the protesters are asking for a III REPÚBLICA but because LA RAZÓN newspapers just used these words.

For people who do not know Spanish politics maybe they do not understand all this fuzz about III REPÚBLICA. The reason why so many tweets talk about this is bacause by mentioning III REPÚBLICA one has the feeling as if the extreme right has tried to bring back the gohst of the civil war in Spain. Because in Spain we had a II REPÚBLICA who only lasted 5 years and ended with a CIVIL WAR.

So, when in Spain a newspaper from the right mentions III REPÚBLICA people remember the past.

So, now the world is seeing a TT that has nothing to do with the #spanishrevolution protesters with with the reaction from the extreme right in Spain.

So, you see, in Spain we are not heading for any III republic. We are just unhappy that an extreme right newspaper tries to manipulate the indignation of the Spanish youth and not so youth in Puerta del Sol square.

If I was from the extreme right I would immediately open an account on Twitter and try to act as if I was a protester and I would write again and again III REPÚBLICA.

So you see in Libya Gaddafi tried to link protesters to Al-Qaeda and in Madrid a newspapers tries to associate unhappy youth with a III REPUBLIC. Just to put fear on Spanish society of a CIVIL WAR. That wa sthe goal of La Razón. That was the goal of III REPÚBLICA.


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