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Some people around the globe believe that May 21st 2011 is the end of the world. In the NYT you can read the following article:

Strange as it may seem I also feel as if this Saturday was a kind of Judgement Day.

As soon as Saturday reaches the squares of Catalonia and Spain we are having a very big problem here. For some days we have unusual big protests in the squares and they have been banned for Saturday and Sunday. We have elections on Sunday. In Catalonia they are only local elections but there are parts of Spain where they also choose their regional government.

So, it is quite possible that in some hours images from Spain travel throughout the world. We do not know what may happen. But it is going to be the first time that a protest like the one in Tahrir Square is happening in a democratic state and as the protest has been banned for Saturday and Sunday there can be clashes.

The Spanish government has said it will behave act well and smart. The problem is that nobody knows really what may happen. Nobody knows.

It is obvious that in a democracy the police have to act according to the rules and if the rules say that the protest is banned they have to act accordingly. On the other hand the protesters are unhappy so “only God Knows” what may happen.

The right in Madrid has answerd back to the protest in different ways. Mr Rajoy, the president of PP has ironically told Mr Rubalcaba, the Interior Minister to be lucky. Miss Esperanza Aguirre, the president od Autononomus region of Madrid has said that, well, there could be also a protest camp against Zapatero. I find that quite wrong to say because it seems to imply that because now there are protest she encourages other protests. One should take into account that the protests in Puerta del Sol are not under a particular political party.

The protests have reached the global media. Even Fidel Castro has asked himself if NATO would bomb Spain because of the protests. I am afraid that this time Mr Fidel “ha pixat fora de test” (has pissed out of the pot?). NATO is not bombing the protesters in Lybia!

These last days the political campaign for the elction has been a bit put aisde with these protesters.

You see, while in mot parts of Europe the extrem right wings votes here we just have porotests in the streets against politicians and banks.


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