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Plaça Catalunya at night.

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As I write this it is almost 2 am in Barcelona. Plaça Catalunya, the square at the beginning of La Rambla is packed with peaceful protesters.

After seing so much violence in other squares of the world I almost want to cry as I realise that if things continue as now then we will have earned to ourselves a lot of selfsteem. Because we will have showed to ourselves that we are in a terrible situation, that we protest for that and that we can do that in a peaceful way.

It may seem stupid but if on Monday we arrive with the peace that we have now this will ean, at least for me, that we live in a very nice part of the planet.

Because we can have 40% of youth without jobs. But if they protest – that’s the least they can do, I think – and they and the police have common sense and all stays peacefully then that means that we are smart. And being smart the problems will be solved one day or another.

This weekend is very special for me because I have the feeling that Spain is playing a match. A very difficult match. It is playing a match with itself. And the only way to win the match, in such a strange match, is that the match ends well.

A lot of people will think of Puerta de Sol – the images on tv are so impressive. The square looks more beautiful than ever – The acampada in Barcelona will also be known but there is much more than that: there are hundred of little gatherings through all the state. This for me it is quite important because it shows that thanks to Internet not only the big cities are the ones making a protest.

So now, in the middle of the night dark, a lot of youth people across the Spanish state are gathered. These young people will remember this weekend for all their life. So, it is quite possible that in the future the people who govern the country are now sleeping in a square. Or maybe the opposite. But one thing is for sure. Any young person who worries about is country may remeber this weekend.

So while the older generations sleep in their beds part of their songs and daughters fill the squares.

What a glorious moment. Tonight even some love will be born. Babies will come to live in nine months too.

Well, I do not know why I chose this title for this post. Anyway. Barcelona at night is one of the most beautiful cites I have known. Walking through La Rambla, walking through Passeig de Gràcia or Gran Via at this time of the night is one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.

Let’s hope all this people in the squares helps to improve things. I am sure of it! I feel it!

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