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Strauss-Kahn at the FICCI, India



I have good reasons to begin writing this post in advance. As we have had protest this week in Spain this elections this Sunday are very special. In Catalonia we just wote for local elections but in Spain there are 13 regoins where they also vote for their autonomuos governments.

The people who protest have said that they will continue protesting after the election day.

It is crazy but the protests have been such a major event that I even have to tell to myself that it is this Sunday that elections are taking place. I have had my thought out of the election and totally in the protests.

I wonder how the protest will be heard in the election. Less people will vote? More people will vote? Will there be surprises?

This is quite weird because the political parties these days seemed to be almost the political parties of another country in another continent because the protests were so impressive that I did not care a damm about the politicians. After all, it was the same thing as always. So boring! Each politician fighting to get his job or her job secured.

I which it was possible to vote too against. So that thanks to the vote there were less politicians! That you could vote for empty seats!

Anyway, it is too late. I am gong to sleep. This has been one of the most interesting weeks I have ever lived here. I am so proud of young people in Catalonia and Spain. All the protest has been very peaceful and the police has acted also with common sense. Just the opposite of Syria.

Some may see these protests in Spain as a sign of the bad situation that Spain is living with such a hight rate of unemployment. I see these protests as a sign that the youth people in Spain have finally began to work for their future.


Well, I am a bit tired and I must sleep but just let me tell you that the right has won the elections. In Catalonia Barcelona, for the first time in recent democracy, we will have a nationalist party with Xavier Trias ahs the mayor of Barcelona. One of the sad news is that in more towns now we will have tto a xenophobic party.

All this is happening at the same time that the squares of the towns are places for young to protest. They do not seem happy with the current system.

So, I think that we have a very big problem. This people in the street and the results of the election do not seem to me to match.

I am worried because I see here a crash between what has happened in the polls and the protesters.

I think that the result of the election will bring ever more frustration to the protesters. They are not happy with politicians but these politicians have been just elected!

I think that the polticians, the ones who will rule our cities, for example, should listen to these protesters. It is important to listen to them because if you do not listen to them then we are creating a big problem.

If the new rulers of our city do not care for the problems of these people in the street then these people, even if they are not the majority, they can make that all the cities become less nice. Protesters during months and months in the squares does not seem to me a good prospect for the future.

Something should be done.

I wonder what will happen now.


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