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Plaça Catalunya at night.


I have read that Guardiola has talked about the disruption caused by the Icelandic volcano. Last year, Barça lost against Inter after going with bus to Milano.

In this case the situation ca be worse because London, as we all know, is outside the continent, so it is more difficut to reach!

So, I imagine two possibilities next Saturday. If the volcano disrupts the team and the fans then you always could say that the volcano was the responsible of losing. And if you win then Guardiola will appear as the new Catalan God who said “DESIRE MAKES YOU WIN THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS”. The adversity of the volcano disruption would make the victory of Barça even greater.

Let me remind to people outside Barcelona know that now in the center of Barcelona we have people camping at night in Plaça Catalunya. They are protesting against the economic situation, etc. It happens that this square is a place where Barça fans celebrate victory so this Saturday the square should be clean. What will happen? Will we have also problems in the center of town?

Icelandic volcanoes, protests in center of town, will all this join together and make this Saturday an unforgettable night?


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