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Epidaurus theatre, Greece.

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Some hours ago I have heard that in Greece there are also protests and that they are looking at the protests in Spain. In fact I even saw an image of a Spanish flag.

This is very good news because with the economic crisis it seemed that Europe was fallen to pieces and we are just seeing the opposite.

I do not know what will happen in Greece but I just want to point out some of the good reasons for the protests in the squares of our cities and in Internet. Thanks to the protests there is a human side to the new technologies and to our old squares (like in Classic Greece with Socrates philosopher!)

Now you can go to the square and talk about your indignation. Or you can go to the Internet. Some hours ago an old woman was going to be left without home. This woman had been in #acampadabcn, the protest in center of Barcelona. So some people of the protest when with her to her house and finally the waman still has a house to live! So thanks to the protests and Internet it is possible to make a change.

These protests are bringing a human dimension to our countries. And in contrast with Tahrir Square in Egypt, now in Europe we have a lot of different protests in different squares so that any city can have its protest.

This is much better than just to protest one day with awful images for tv afterwards. With this protest we are building a new order. It is obvious that a thte end, things may change not much but I am sure that these protests can bring a bit better world.

We have the Europe of the euro anf of the banks. Now we are building the Europe of the people.

Now our politicians know that there is a young generation that is more critical with them. And thanks to Internet the politicians now now that they should care more about what they do. People now can organize better than ever to fight injustice.


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