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“Spanish protesters clash with police over clean-up”

(What does “Indignats | Desallotjament de Plaça Catalunya” mean: “Indignants | Eviction from Plaça Catalunya” Plaça Catalunya is the square at the beginning of La Rambla in Barcelona. The video above has 471923 views at 11 pm Barcelona time, May 27th 2011!)

This is the title of an article in The guardian about the events that have been happening in Barcelona.

I have written a lot of posts lately about the protesters in Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona and in other square of Catalonia and Spain.

It is crazy. If tomorow FC BARCELONA wins the Champoins League then we may have problems in the center of Barcelona because a lot of fans will go to the center and the center is having a camp with protesters. On the other hand if Barcelona does not win (here, it seems that everybody thinks that Barça will win) then the situation in Barcelona will be one of the saddest one I can imagine. Thousands of people sad because of the defeat and a protest in the center of Barcelona to remind us of the very bad economic situation we have in this part of Europe.

I am beginning to be a bit sad about what is happening in Barcelona. What we have seen today in Plaça Catalunya should have never happened. After this we can only expect more violence and chaos. Just the opposite of what these protest camps were about.

I am sad because I do not see common sense. I find that the police have acted, according to footage, in a very hard way. This is not good. On the other hand I feel sad that people from the camp site had not decided to put the camp out of Plaça Catalunya for this wekend. It was not a defeat against the power of Barcelona. It was just common sense. It is dangerous to have a camping site in Plaça Catalunya if Barcelona wins.

I see what has happened today as a very sad day because the Catalan police has acted in a too hard way and the protesters are filling the square of potential dagerous objects if Barça wins. Where is the common sense?



3 responses to ““Spanish protesters clash with police over clean-up”

  1. news pool

    Yes, I am agree. It´s really sad to see policeman which aimed to protect you doing opposite. The important thing is not to forget while we are voting!. Those politicians like Puig should not benefit from their actions on following years! Please check also our articles on similar topics.

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