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If you are looking at this post to know about the secret life of Felip Puig I’m afraid you maybe disappointed because I have not idea about the life of Felip Puig, let alone of his private life.

In fact this is a post thought to tweeter users who wonder who Felip Puig is and what’s all about #bcnsinmiedo and Plaza Cataluña, currently worlwide TT.

WHO IS FELIP PUIG? Felip Puig is the Conseller d’Interior of the Catalan Government. This means that hi is the one in charge of the police in Catalonia.

WHAT IS PLAZA CATALUÑA? It is a tt that refers to PLAÇA CATALUNYA (Catalonia Square). This is a square in Barcelona at the beginning of the famous street of La Rambla.

WHAT IS #BCNSINMIEDO. Well BCN refers to Barcelona (it is the code of the airport) SIN MIEDO are Castilian words which mean WITHOUT FEAR. So this hashtag means BARCELONA WITHOUT FEAR.


Well, in Barcelona, for some weeks, as it happens in other places like PUERTA DLE SOL in Madrid, there has been protests for more than a week. We have a lt of jobless youth, economic crisis, etc. So people, camp at the squares.

This morning, however, Catalan police, called MOSSOS D’ESQUADRA came to the square ant there were clashes. I have seen them on tv and it is not nice at all. Felip Puig is in charge of the police, as I have said before.

This Saturday night, if FC BARCELONA wins the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, then a lot of celebration will take place in CANALETES (La Rambla) and also in Plaça Catalunya. So some people see the need for the protest to leave the square for the celebration and other believe that the possible Barça celebration is an excuse to put the protest out of the square.

In Catalonia we have a lot of squares with protests. This morning there have been clashes to at LLeida. In order to follow the protests you just need to follow hashtags like #acampadabcn for Barcelona protest, #acampadalleida, #acampadagirona, #acampadatgn, #acampadareus. The one in Madrid is #acampadasol.

Until now the police has not done anything in Puerta dle Sol in Madrid but it seems that the stakes are hight too.

Other hashtags are #yeswecamp, #catalanrevolution, #spanishrevolution, #acampadalondres.

This of camping at squares is also now done in Athens!! They have #greekrevolution.

As I end this post I see that #mossos is also worldwide trending topic!! Els Mossos d’Esquadra is the name of Catalan Police.



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