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Wembley Stadium Twin Towers, London, England

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Since the protests began in this part of Continental Europe I have heard that there have been protests in front of Spanish embassy too.

At the same time I know that the Catalan public tv channel, TV3, will be broadcasting aslo from London, even in the morning (it seems that austerity has not reached this programme even if in this programme they are always talking about austerity!)

I think that this Saturday is a good time to protest in London, always abiding, of course, to the English laws.

I am thinking about all the people in London that do not like what happened yesterday in Barcelona with the awful clashes with the police. Even some fans from Barça who are in London maybe angry with the events in Plaça Catalunya.

As far as I know, the Barça is not having any sign of support for protesters in Barcelona but maybe the fans in Wembley could do that!

Who knows, maybe we see in Wembley some little banner in support of the protesters! I imagine that in Wembley we will find the wealthy part of Catalonia (the ones related to #acampadapedralbes …) but I am sure that some of them are supporting the protesters in Plaça Catalunya.

I put all my hopes tomorrow in London.




  1. Selah

    I think you’ve put your hopes in the right place! 🙂

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