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La Pineda

Image by ferran via Flickr

Most people who visit Catalonia may just visit Barcelona and some other few places. In this post I just want to point out different zones to visit.

One of the obvious places is the Pyrenees. In these mountains you can find not just snow but also, at some places, Romanic churches (Unesco Heritage)

You also have, of course Costa Brava, the museum of Salvador Dalí in Figueres.

South of Barcelona, you have Sitges and further south Costa Daurada with places like Tarragona, Salu, Cambrils. Tarragona is part of Unesco Heritage. More than 2000 years ago the Romans came here and founded this city. It is amazing how much is still to be seen so many centuries latter.

In the south of Catalonia, we have Terres de l´Ebre. The surroundings of Ebre river are amazing if you like nature.

In Penedès you also have the lands of vinyards. Priorat is also a very nice place for lovers of landscape and quietness.

I´ll try to find links to webpages that talk about these places.


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