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Most of the times, when I write a post I am in favor of something or against something or just a have a mix reaction to something.

In this post, however, I just feel I am getting crazy because it is too much for my limited knowledge.

Let me explain. As you may know the economies of Greece, Ireland and Portugal have needed a bailout. Spain could be next. This means that the markets are all watching what is going on in this sunny side of Europe.

It seems that the central government is doing things in the way that IMF and Angela Merkal wish. Cutting spending, etc.

On the other hand we have the Catalan government. It has just announced that it won’t comply with the 1.3% deficit agreed and in fact the deficit will be about twice that. It seems that there are explanations for this but it is obvious too that people who lend us money will just see that Catalonia is defying the agreement.

So now we have two problems here: we have to cut the deficit and we must agree in something.

I have the feeling that the central government tries to be the good guy for Europe and leave the Catalan governemt as the bad guy who does not comply with European requirements of deficit cutting. On the other hand I have the feeling that the Catalan government also wants to make the Spanish government to seem the bad guy.

So, I just feel quite sad with all this. Quite sad. The only good thing about all this is that we still have the oportunity to go to live abroad. That’s the only thing that makes me less miserable.

Strange as it may seem the only hope I see here are the young people in our squares. They seem to me the only one making sense.


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