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Subregions of Europe (UN geoschme)

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These last weeks very unfortunate news have come to the press from the north of Germany. People have been dying there and now we know that Spanish cucumbers were innocent. Today I just have read somebody from Russia complaining about the standards of Europe. I say all this because here we have two problems. On the one hand we have a strain that is killing people and on the other hand the prejudices against other lands have come to surface quite soon these last days.

I find outrageous that when people in the north of Germany die the first ones to be suspected must be the Spanish products. I find that quite sad. I also find that the answer from Russia is also quite sad. They say that we in Europe are always asking very high standards and now we even do not know what is going on so that they have had to close its market to Europe.

So, while some people die other people just show their prejudicies, one day against Spanish cucumbers, another day against European vegetables.

Now, WHO says we are in front of a new strain that is mortal.

So, now I just wish that the countries unite to try to know what has happened.

Today is the first time that I’m worried in the long run because I am afraid that this new strain could spread around the world so that we could have a big problem.

I am fraid that the problem can be so big that we may even forget how all this began.

I am afraid that now the problem is not just that the farmers can continue living from its vegetables but that this new strain does not pose an international threat.

It is quite sad that in front of a health emergency some German ploticians blamed some Spanish cucumbers and now somebody in Russia blames European Union. As far as I know Spain, Germany and Russia are united by centuries of shared history and I find distressful that so much suspicion has arisen in this hard times. If other countries follow the example of some people in Hamburg or some people in Moscow then maybe soon some people from America, Australia won’t buy food from the European Union and not even the European part of Russia. That’s the bad thing of prejudice: PREJUDICE BRINGS PREJUDICE.

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