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This evening I have enjoyed a salad made by slices of a small cucumber, half moons of tomato and little ships of white onion. With a pinch of Mediterranean salt, vinegar from Italy and olive oil from Andalusia.

This is one of the simplest salads that I use to make and it always makes me realize that sometimes a great salad is made of just a few ingredients.

Unfortunately I will never know if this salad is so wonderful good because of its ingredients or just because this was the salad I’ve been eaten since I was a little child.

By the way, when I was in Berlin I remember I wanted to make this kind of salad too. Unfortunately, what in Barcelona was a cheap dish in Berlin was quite expensive. Another reason to even enjoy more my typical salad back in Barcelona.

By the way, I also remember too that when I was in New York I remember to have been inside big supermarkets in big avenues just searching for fresh vegetables. They just did not sell fresh vegetables.

So, now, as I’m writing this, I just move my tongue through my mouth and I can still notice the taste of the tomato (carefully selected some hours ago), the cucumber (I buy the small one and the darker the better) and onion from a bunch of fresh onions.

Cucumber is one of my favourite vegetables and this is my little homage to this humble and lovely gemuse.

Let me end by saying that in Catalan we call it cogombre and in Castilian we call it pepino.

So, now anyone reading this post knows: THE.CAT HAS EATEN A CUCUMBER ON JUNE 1ST 2011. Never in my life I had eaten a cucumber with so much pleasure.


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