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These last days the relations between Spain and Germany have been a bit touched by the cucumber.

We are very used to politicians who always blamed the foreigners of all deseases and more. Some weeks ago a politician called Alberto Fernández, from PP, said that foreigners had brought deseases to Barcelona that we did not have. He forgot to tell, of couse, the tousands of people who died in America when the Spaniards went there.

I say that because in the case of the cucumber it seems to me that has happened the same. If something is wrong, it cannot be our fault. It must be always the foreigners.

So, I am not happy that some people in Hamburg were quickly to blame Spanish cucumbers but I am afraid this happens everywhere. The foreigners are always there to blame.

But one thing is what has happened and another very different is to talk about Germany in general.

I have a lot of reasons to maintain my love for Germany untouched.

One of the reasons why I still love, as always, Germany, is because, I’ve been living in Germany. And I am fascinated. I remember when I was in Germany that drivers dorve peacefully through the streets and that pedestrians could cross a street without much worry. On the other hand, south of the Pyriness the pedestrians could cross a street at their own risk! Decades later, however, I must say, that now drivers here drive in a more peaceful way. This means to me, that Germany has been a very good example!

I also remember when I was in Germany that in the bus stop you could read the exact timetable of the buses. This was in hard contrast with the situation in my country. Now, decades later …, the buses stop in this part of Europe also have exact timetables!!

What I mean by all this is that Germany is a place to learn because they do things in a rational way and I am very happy that at the end things here are done with Germany as an example.

Another reason to love Germany is because I know German people. Oh, my Good! What a lovely people I have known. They were people who listened to you! They were very open and each one very different.

Another reason to love Germany is the German language. I have always heard that the German language was a very hard language but when I was in Germany I was fortunate to listen to some people who use that language in the sweetest way you can ever imagine so that now I know that the German language can sound very sweet. You just have to listen to sweet German people and you will have a sweet language. Unfortunately in some films they do not show us that swet part of Germany.

It is obvious that not everything in Germany was nice to me. For example, I hated the weather! Weeks and weeks with clouds and clouds and rain were horrible for somebody who is used to see the sun so often. But I also must admit the the blue skies in Germany are very beautiful.

In summary, that the fact that there has been prejudice by some in Hamburg has not effect at all in my love and respect for one of the countries of Europe that I better know and that I respect more.

Angela Merkel seems to me one of the best politicians now in Europe. I am not talking about her politicla views. I just mean by the way she acts. She gives a very sweet image of Europe. I prefer her a milion times more than other famous politicians of Europe that I prefer not to mention. Needless to say that I also could write posts of love for Italy and France. I also admired these countries. When I think about France I always think about the landscapes of Monet and when I think about Italy I just want to cry. There is so much beauty. About Greece I have never been there but each time I go to the magnificent city of London, I always go to the British Museum to see too the marvels from Greece.

So now I think that compensation should be given to any European country which is affected by the fall of fresh products but that the main worry for all Europe and in fact for all the humankind is that people are dying from a new strain and that all the internationaal community shoul join togehter to fight this new threat.

This new mortal strain, in the long run, should unite Europe. The opositte would mean that besides having a new mortal strain among us, we also still have the stupidity strain among us.


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