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Image by lizsmith via Flickr

Sometimes there are acts made by individuals which hurt not just the image of their club but also of the place they come from. It is for this reason that I find that FC BARCELONA or the government of Catalonia should talk this the Barcelona fan to know if he can pay the repair. In the case that he cannot pay or that he does not want to pay I think that FC BARCELONA should do something. Or the government of Catalonia.

I have been reading the news about the incident in the center of London with this iconic statue and I feel not happy at all because I love the city of London and I would have never done such a thing – not in London, not in Barcelona, not anywhere.

If this fan has not enough money then he could take advantage that FC BARCELONA has a lot of fans to obtain the money needed.

But something should be done!

Even if I had no connection at all with the incident I want to show how regretful I feel. I hope FC BARCELONA does whatever it can so that this incident does not stink its image, or what really worries me, the image of Catalonia.

If Barça is MORE THAN A CLUB (MÉS QUE UN CLUB) this is a good time to show that to the people in London.

In showing respect for an iconic symbol of London we show respect for others and too for ourselves.

Once again, I show my regret fo what has happened. London deserves an apology. And a quick repay of whatever bill the repay may cost.

If you are able to win a Champions League at Wembley but you are not able to apologise for vandalising one of the symbols in London then the Cup is worthless.


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