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In Catalonia we try to live as normal but it is easy to see that something is not quite right. During weeks we have had a protest camp in the center of Barcelona and also in other squares of the country. Now the protesters are quite close to the Catalan parliament. What happens in the next hours can be part of Catalan history.

This Wednesday the Catalan Parliament must vote for some laws that mean cuts. Cuts in health, education, etc. No small cuts but big and unprecedented cuts.

The protesters will try this Wednesday that the deputees of the Catalan Parliament cannot reach the Parliament so that the cuts cannot be approved.

This is a very serious matter because is unlawful not to let the deputees go to the Parliament. You can go to prison for this.

So, I do not know what will happen tomorrow.

It is a very strange situation. It is the first time, I think, that this happens in recent history in Catalonia.

As the Catalan parliament was chosen democratically last November the fact that some people try to stop its normal working seems a very dramatic event.

There will be people that just will say that all this is crazy because the Parliament has been chosen democratically by the Catalan people while the protesters around the Parliament are just some thousand.

Well, what worries me it is the fact that this is happening! How come? I imagine that one of the reasons is that there are a lot of jobless people so that now some people have free time, and reasons, to protest.

When the protests began in some Arab countries they seemed something wonderful. People were just wanting democracy. Now that we have also protests inside a democracy I think that maybe what the protesters wanted in the Arab countries and back in Barcelona was to have a future. And in Egypt the first step to dream a better future was to get rid of Mubarak. But what about the events in Barcelona? We already have a democracy and the parties voted seemed to have policies quite different to the ones of the protesters. This is weird.

Maybe I am wrong but I have the feeling that something terrible is happening. Fortunately the end can be a happy end but I think that for some years the events can be traumatic.

There is a lack of self-confidence in the world. Banks do not trust other banks and do not lend money. People do not trust their politicians. They do not trust also their dictators.

I think this is a global feeling or at least not just something happening in Catalonia. When I read the English newspapers I am surprised that a lot of the things happening in the UK are the same that in Catalonia. In Catalonia we are talking about cuts in health services and there are protests. In the UK the cuts in NHS are also news.

After seing that protests are taking places in democratic places I am just worried that we may see a lot of trouble in the future in some Arab countries even if they become real democracies. Because people need democracy but also a future.

It seems that in Greece is going to happen something around its parliament. Protesters will surrender the Parliament to avoid new austerity measures passed.


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