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Some years ago I was very interested in new domains names. I was just quite happy to see a new domain for, for example, my city: .bcn. I remember that some people in Catalonia were angry that the city council of Barcelona wanted .bcn for Barcelona because they saw it as a threat to the new .cat domain.

I continued reading about the subject and I got the idea that the ICANN was frozen any new development related to new domains names. I even imagine that the economic crisis was a good reason not to enter into new adventures.

Now, as a big surprise, I see that ICANN has finally done the opposite of what I was seeing these last months.

So the next year we will have new domains names and I imagine that some people, who have not thought much about the issue, maybe quite happy with these new domains as we have some attraction for the word new.

As during months and months I wanted .bcn domain and that was not possible I began to read and read and I saw that there were good reasons to leave the things as they are in 2011.

It is obvious that I may be wrong and that these new domains names can be in the long run a good idea but let me at least say why I am afraid that we are entering a very chaotic period in Internet.

First of all, these new domain names mean that the companies will have to spend more money. It is really very expensive to have a new domain name so only important companies may get new domain names.

Another thing is that is companies get new domain names then their url address will loke quite different. So instead of we will just see maybe something like .google

Now for google for France we look for . With these changes we may have to look for

Maybe this is not good or bad but it is a change and I wonder if this will make our lives easier. Now I just see more money spent by big companies.

I am also a bit afraid that a lot of money is spent in new domain names that may end badly. Thanks to the new domain names a lot of money will be wasted with the ICANN. Money that could be spent in helping those who need it. Not ICANN. An American organization by the way. If it was related to the UN maybe the moeny it gets could be shared by all countries.

I will put here some new domains names so that you can see how much money will be spent just in this and not in thei workers,etc: .bbc, .cnn, .lemonde, .yahoo, .apple, .microsoft, .yahoo, .sony, .volkswagen, .london, .glasgow, .newyork, .ny, .nyc, .europe, .europa, .euro, .england, .catalonia, .catalunya, .costabrava, .barca, .barça, .manu, .arsenal, .chelsea (which ..?)

I even wonder who will buy .free …

So any big company, any important football team, any important broadcasting corporation, any country (.fr already exists but .france could also have to be registered!), any famous (.ladygaga, .madonna, .eltonjohn, …) All thats a lot of money which could be spent to help people!

The decision of ICANN will affect thousands and thousands of companies and we all will pay for it in some way. At the same time the decision has not been taken by us democratically. Have I chosen anyone in ICANN? Is ICANN a international association or just an American association with an international group of people? I just say that because I know that ICANN is mad eof people from different countries but I would like to know if the money for this new domain names will go to all the countries or will just remain in the US!

As I am writing this post in a blog by THE.CAT you may think that I should be the first interested in an extension of domain names because, after all, .cat was an extension made for the Catalan language and culture.

Well, let me explain. In Barcelona, when you register a domain, you can have different options to consider. The easiest and cheapest to register is a .com domain. Nonetheless it may be already registered so you have ather options. One option is a .cat. These domains are more expensive (they cost about 45 euros a year) but I find quite good if the content is related to the Catalan community or language. For example, with a domain like THE.CAT it is easy for people in Barcelona to know that this is a domain related to the Catalan culture (the THE maybe an indication that this domains likes puns or likes the English culture too) If you need a domain that has to be associated with Spain then you can use .es. And if you need to be associated with Europe you can alway get a .eu domain. Sometimes you just choose the one that it is still free! In this way .cat are good because they mean more choice.

The new domain names, besides being more money spent, have something that I am not sure it is good. The can bring to Internet the sense that Internet is in the hands of the rich companies of the world. Or the big cities.

Thanks to ICANN big cities like Berlin, London, Paris, etc will be able to get their new expensive domain names .berlin, .london, .paris but what about the small towns? Is not this a bit unfair? Is not ICANN creating an elitist Internet?

Other languages and cultures may get a new domain name. But who will get the name? In the case of the Catalan language everything was made step by step and now the .cat is in hands of a foundation. But let’s imagine someone wants to register .eng (or .english too and pay twice???) Can this be done by a private company? All this is very complex and I think that ICANN has open the door to a lot of chaos to come!

Another thing to consider is that the new measures may bring the .com to total chaos as new domain names appear to compete with the .com!

Anyway, I think that with this decision, the ICANN has open a new door to unknown but expensive territory that it is just the start of the end of the Internet of the .com that we have known until now. The .COM is today starting its way to disappear. I wonder how long will the . resist …

So thanks ICANN for creating two Internets: the Internet of the rich and powerful (.google, .yahoo, .apple, .nyc, .madonna maybe) and the Internet of the rest (,, Thanks to the decision of ICANN we may see .newyork but we won’t see .york.




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