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Artur Mas visita l'ACN

Image by agenciaacn via Flickr

You may wonder if this is a post about the Catalonia’s President or about one of the newspapers of Rupert Murdoch. Well, just let me say that I may like more or less The Wall Street Journal or Rupert Murdoch but one thing is a person and another is a newspaper. I say that because The Times of London is also owned by Rupert Murdoch currently (amd maybe too unfortunately) but it is obvoius that the prestige of some nespapers goes beyond their current owners.

All that said, I just wanted to say that today (75 years after the start of the Spanish civil war) there is an article in the Wall Street Journal about Artur mas, the current President of Catalonia. The media in Catalonia mention it so I ma going to read it. You can find it at:

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