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Amy Winehouse performing in Berlin in 2007


Some years ago nobody knew who Amy Winehouse was. Then her name began to appear on the media and soon I realized that she was the singer of one of my favourite songs. I even remember some years ago listening to the song in a coffee shop. I felt so well with the song.

Now that Amy Winehouse is gone I know the name of the song is Rehab and now I know the meaning of the song.

It is very strange because I think it is the first time that somebody gets famous while I am alive and dies just some years later. It has happened so quiclky.

I always had the feeling that Amy Winehouse would be a singer full of problems but I never suspected such a tragic end although when I heard the news I must admit I was not at all surprised.

The public that went to Belgrade to see her in her last concert maybe they were quite angry because she was in a very bad estate on the stage. Now that they know they were in her last concert maybe they feel sorry for any contempt against Amy.

She was a gift. She came and left the whole planet astounded with her voice. Her song REHAB will never be forgotten.

I am happy to have lived while she was alive.

This is the song that will make her unforgettable while music is alive:


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