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The City of London is a city within the greate...


2011 won’t be an easy year to forget. The Tahrir Square in Egypt and Tunisia and war in Lybia. The indignados in Puerta del Sol in Madrid, the protests in Israel for better conditions for people in Israel, the fight for freedom in Syria despite the massacre.

Eurozone crisis: Greece, Ireland, Portugal. Problems with the sovereign debts. Fear of contagion to Italy and Spain. the US downgraded from triple A.

The shooting in Norway.

Well, with all this one could think that what is going on in London even if it is dramatic it is not much dramatic that what is going elsewhere (I did not mention hunger in parts of Africa because this, unfortunately, is not something new)

I have the feeling that what is happening in London is more serious than it may seem because London is the biggest city of this part of the world! No city in mainland Europe is so big as London.

I am afraid that what is happening in London may happen accross Europe and even through the US. Fortunately in Barcelona until now we have had just peaceful protests. Well, some not so peaceful in fact. But nothing in comparison with the images that come from London.

As there are milions of people in London it is sad that the wrongdoings of a few are now the current image the world is getting from London.

I know some of the places mention in the news. For example Hackney. The last time I was in London, one of my favourite cities, I bought an atlas so I just have to look as I read the news.

As I am not in London I cannot know what is really going on. The only things I know come from the newspapers and I just know that in the UK there are also a lot of cuts in spending so maybe some youth in London do not see a future. Maybe while the Prime Minister andd the Mayor of London were out on holidays some youth had to stay in London because they have no money for holidays. But that cannot be an excuse to put the city on fire! This is a total lack of respect for their own city!

Anyway, I just hope peace comes soon to the streets of London. Let me end this post by recommending anyone to visit London. Few cities have so much to show and to share. LOVE TO LONDON!



  1. Shyam ⋅

    I believe that there has been a bit of stabilisation in the past few weeks. Apart from that, one positive thing to point out is that the UK citizens themselves are contributing in resolving peace. Hence, I think it shouldn’t be as bad as in the other developing nations. On the other hand, there have been several debates on the debt crisis and this is what as you said be the spark for causing trouble.
    You might like to view the economic perspective of these riots on my blog called “Glocal Outlook” :

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