Fa uns anys em va cridar atenció com funcionava l’estafa que va fer el senyor Madoff als Estats Units. El senyor Madoff pagava uns interessos enormes i això feia que molta gent estigués interessada en deixar-li els diners. Allò escandalós era que per pagar els interessos ho que feia es fer servir els diners que altre gent deixava. Mentre tot anava bé no hi va haver cap problema però quan va arribar la crisi ja no hi havia tants diners que li confiessin i així no podia tornar els diners que li havien confiat. LLavors es va descobrir l’estafa piramidal. Si no ho entès malament una estafa piramidal consisteix en prometre uns interessos amb uns diners que deixen uns altres als quals també se’ls promet uns interessos molt grans. El problema és que quan ja ningú entra a l’estafa llavors ja no es poden tornar els interessos ni res de res.

Ara aquests dies la Generalitat ha de tornar els diners i els interessos dels bons patriòtics que va treure el govern de Montilla. Tenint en compte que ara se sap que no es pagarà a temps els sous de gent en certes residències, etc està clar que la Generalitat té un problema de liquiditat. Això em fa pensar que per tornar els bons de l’any passat d’alguna manera necessita emetre bons ara que és el que de fet es farà. Jo no entenc gaire de finaces però tot això em recorda amb allò que feia Madoff. La única diferència que veig és que Madoff ho feia d’amagat i la Generalitat ho fa al descobert.

No vull ni pensar en un escenari futur en que la Generalitat tingués problemes en tornar els bons i culpés a l’Estat espanyol per no haver-li concedit el pacte fiscal requerit. Espero que no arribem a una situació tan apocalíptica. Si la Generalitat no pogués pagar qui seria el responsable? La Generalitat per no pagar? L’estat per haver permès l’endeutament?

Si algú li serveix d’alleugerament només dir que són llocs no gens afins al nacionalisme català els que posen dubtes sobre aquests nous bons. Vaja, que potser el que preocupa alguns no és pas que els bons no es puguin tornar sinó tot el contrari … Tan de bo ningú mai hagi de dir quelcom com “sí, de patriòtics eren molt, però de bons …”



These last hours in a BBC programme called Newsnight a “gentleman” called Peter Oborne showed his manners by calling a EU spokesman as the idiot in Brussels. Quite astonishingly, the “gentleman” from the BBC, whose name I don’t know, not only did not asked to Peter Oborne for basic respect between humans but just laughed as he used too the words of “idiot in Brussels”.

As I remember that the BBC, my favourite channel, has produced some of the best comedies I have ever seen on TV I wonder if what we saw was not just the beginning of  a new comedy called THE IDIOTS. The only doubt I have is whether the BBC comedy would take place in Brussels or in London. Or just in both.





This image shows Angela Merkel who is the the ...

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Some people in Germany may think that in the South of Europe we just waste the money and then we remember the German taxpayers in order to bring order to our finances. Although it is true that something has been clearly made wrong what I want to point out here is that the real winner of all this is Germany. Germany has become an example to follow.

It is true that we are in very difficult times in Europe and around the world but if you look carefully to what is going on we are living in a incredible time that is making Europe a much better place to live! Let me explain why!:

Before the euro was born each country did what it wanted. So, some countries did the things in a correct way and others in not such a correct way. Now, THANKS TO THE EURO, we all know the wrongdoings of some countries. Before the euro, the fact that the Greeks run their country in a bad way did not matter to the rest of Europe. Now, because of the Euro, the wholle Europe is telling Greece that things have to be done in the right way.

So thanks to the Euro, any country in the eurozone has the possibility to improve! There is a challenge. And some people in the south we do not see that as something to oppose but as a very good opportunity to do as the best economies of Europe.

I have been living in Germany for some time and I must admit that there are things I like and things I do not like. I do not like, for example, the weather. But I love the organization of the Germans! So thanks to the Euro, I can dream of living in the sunny part of Europe but at the same time looking at the right things that come from Central Europe.

In brief, what is happening now in Europe it is a glorification of Germany virtues. If the current values of Germany were not desired by the rest of Europe we would be so happy to leave the Euro and have nothing to do with Germany and other countries around.

I just hope that Germans realize that they are not alone in wanting to do things well.

Sometimes I read that some people in Germany are tired of having to pay and pay. I just would propose a change. Instead of wealthy Germany paying maybe the ones to pay should be the wealthy people in Europe whever they live! I am sure that in Catalonia there are people that could pay so much taxes as some German people so I feel it is unfair that German should pay the most. If Greece needs money and it is for the interest of Europe to help Germany then the money should come from the ones having the money: It is nonsense that a German pays more than a Greek, for example, if the Greek is richer!

I say that because I do not like that of rich countries putting the money for the countries in trouble. I think it would be much better richer people of Europe putting the money.

It is not fair that a person in Germany with a normal wage is paying to save the eurozone when a person from a poorer country but with a highest wage receives the money!

I also would tell the German politicians to be very careful of where they put the money. In Spain a lot of European money just went to build high speed railways and useless high speed stations.

So let me end by telling German people that there are people in the south that know your country and admire your country and we want to do then things here so well as you do in Germany. Do not let the people in our countries that do not care about their citizens to mix between Germany and the people in the south that are serious in wishing a new Europe which looks at Germany as an example of things well done. ICH LIEBE DEUTSCHLAND!


Yesterday one could read in THE TIMES an article about a stolen kitten. The sad thing of the article is that the article was more worried about the wherabouts of the people connected to the kitten than the kitten. I am not saying that the people in the story were not important to the story but I wonder if I was the only reader who missed knowing what happened to the kitten! THE TIMES should understand that some people also like to know about the lives of the kittens. Did the kitten return home?


Cartell de "Pa Negre"

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Pa stands for bread and negre stands for black so pa negre means black bread. It is the first time that a Catalan film made in Catalan has been chosen by Spain to go to Hollywood for an Oscar as best film in a foreign language. PA NEGRE is afilm that has received in Catalonia ans Spain so many awards that I would’nt be very surprised if it wins an Oscar too.


Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...


Maybe Mr Obama is one of the American presidents that more expectations brought to the international arena so that it is possible that a lot of Europeans like him a bit but I find outrageous that the president of a country with a nightmarishly superastronomic debt sees himself as the right person to give advice to Europe.

If China was the one to give us, the Europeans, advice I have nothing to say but it is ridiculous that the president of a country that lives thanks to the money from China should dare to say something to Europe. I cannot imagine a worse country to give example to Europe.

I could say here the things that the US could do instead of attacking the European Euro but as a European, I also have not any right to give advice to the US.

An advice of the US to Europe is like a drunk man saying to another drunk man that he should drink less. The advice is not bad but it does not come from the right person. That’s the reason why I say to Obama to mind his own business.

Accepting advice from the US in how to handle the European economy is like accepting advice from China in human rights.

So, Mr Obama: STOP ATTACKING THE EURO. If you want the dollar to look stronger, reduce the ASTRONOMICAL US DEBT  instead of attacking the euro! To cut heads to look taller is nonsense.


I have the feeling that some very wealthy people have realised that there is now a better way to get rich than to make weapons and start wars and reconstruction. The way to get rich is through the financial markets. So you just have to put fear on the markets and attack the weakest part of a market so that chaos comes so you can get rich. I wonder if in the Financial Times they know what I am talking about.

I sure that there are very important people behing all the woes about the eurozone collapse. Some people, the FT for example, may think that if you repeat a lot the same phrase it may come true at the end.

I only know that speculators may win now and that maybe the eurozone falls. But one thing is sure for me. That the Europe that rises from its ashes will become stronger and more united. You only have to look to the WWII. Europe suffered a lot but afterwards we learned the lesson and we have had the longest peace that any European has ever seen.

By the way, I am quite certain that the eurozone won’t fall. The eurozone won’t fall for a very simple reason: BECAUSE THE EURO IS JUST MORE THAN A CURRENCY. Classical Greece gave us democracy. Current Europe give to history the EURO.


Dickens and Little Nell (1890), a statue by Fr...


It is obvious that for Alessio Rastani it is good that there is a new recession and if the eurozone falls, the better.

Well, it seems that the eurozone cannot do much against what almost seems to me like financial terrorism dreamt by Alessio Rastani and other people like him.

What we can do in the eurozone, however, is to try to declare persona non grata people like him.

Maybe the eurozne will break but one thing is for sure: even if the eurozone falls we will still have Wien, we will still have Paris, we will still have Berlin, we will still have Athens and we will still have Venezia or Firenza or Roma.

So, even if we fall, people who had got rich thanks to our possible disgrace would like to visit our cities. So I think that we should declare them persona non grata in the eurozone.
They may become rich thanks to our disgraces but they should not be welcome to enjoy their wealth among us.

People like Alessio Rastani should not be welcomed in the eurozone or, in fact, any decent country, I think.

LET’S ALL SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The power must return to the states!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If people like Alessio Rastino can do the things he does is because the countries have laws that allow that. We can change them. At a high price, but we can change them. We are now in the stupid position of being slaves of our savings in the banks.

By the way, for me London is one of the most wonderful cities of the world and one of my favourite ones. I find a disgrace that people like him get associated with this wonderful city. If the lovely Charles Dickens was among us nowadays …

Let me nonetheless end by saying thanks to Alessio Rastani: I think he has open the eyes of millions of Europeans: LET’S DECLARE A POLITICAL WAR AGAINST  THE CASINO CAPITALISM OF NOWADAYS: IT IS THEM OR THE REST OF HUMANKIND.



Bullfight at San Marcos Fair, Aguascalientes, ...


Some people around the world will be very happy to read that bullfighting is ending today in Catalonia. Unfortunately the same parliament that voted to ban bullfighting in Catalonia voted in favour of correbous in Catalonia which means that bull torture will continue in Catalonia.

People around the world must know that the reason why bullfighting has been banned in Catalonia is because it is a way to look different to Spain. I am not saying that all the Catalan politicians were just wanting to look different to Spain and did not worry about the rights of the animals but it is very strange you ban bullfighting and you do not ban the correbous. What are the correbous?The correbous are bulls (bous) that run (corren) through the streets of some towns. Sometimes they put fire next to their horns so that at night, the bull and the fire create an unforgettable image. It is obvious that not civilised country should allow this. Besides it is torture that anyone (children, for example) can see because it happens on the streets.

So I just want to point out that I am disgusted. I am disgusted because this ban is unfair. It bans the killing of the bull but it does not ban the torture of the bull. And the only reason for that is that bullfighting is associated worldwide with Spain and correbous is seen as a tradition in some Catalan towns.

Needless to say the tradition of Catalan bullfighting in Catalonia is older than the existence of Catalonia or Spain. The reason why this ancestral tradition is banned now in Catalonia is just because this old tradition happens to be also a tradition in other parts of the peninsula.

I remember some decades ago that in a class we talk about bullfighting and a quite Catalan nationalistic student supported the bullfighting. If you take into account that the bullfighting is something that goes into hundred and hundred and hundreds of years ago you may have some respect for a tradition and not just ban because it looks too Spanish.  The bullfighting is so much a tradition of this lands in Catalonia as other lands in the Iberian peninsula and elsewhere. It is part of our wild heritage.

By these words I am not saying that I support current bullfighting and the torture of animals. What I am just saying is that bullfighting has been banned in Catalonia for a wrong reason (just to look different to Spain when in fact bullfighting is prior to the existence of Spain or Catalonia!) If bullfighting and correbous were had been banned at the same time then I would have nothing to say against this measure.

So now, we won’t have any more animal torture in Barcelona because the torture looked “too Spanish” but we will continue having torture with the correbous in some towns of Catalonia. So, what has happened in Catalonia is not a case of animal protection but of just banning a tradition who smells Spanish and protecting a tradition who smell more Catalan.

While we have correbous in Catalonia the ban on bullfighting in Catalonia won’t be seen by me as a symbol of civilisation but as a symbol of  just wanting to look different to Spain. In Afghanistan some talibans broke some old budas.

My solution to all this would have been similar to the Portuguese one: to maintain correbous and bullfighting but without killing the bull and without putting the fire on the horns and I would add without torturing the animal. A tradition that is much older than the existence of Catalonia or Spain should have been respected. And as it is obvious that the tradition is not civilised nowadays it should have been adapted to our times. Some Catalan nationalism has not shown respect for the old heritage of Catalonia and has preferred to infuriate Spain than respect an ancestral tradition. If they had not banned correbous because no bull is killed then it was enough they had banned the killing of bulls in bullfighting but not bullfighting as a whole.

Let me end by saying that fortunately in Catalonia some politicians have really cared about bulls and are against bullfighting and correbous too. This people and the people who, on the contrary, support correbous and bullfighting deserve my respect. Those who do not allow torture in Barcelona but allow torture in the south of Catalonia (where the correbous more often take place) don’t deserve my simpathy because they seem to me not to care really for bulls (correbous suffer torture) and at the same time are banning a tradition in Catalonia that is an ancestral one and prior to the existence of Catalonia or Spain and their quarrels.


La Monumental, arènes de Barcelone

Image by victorillen via Flickr

This is the last weekend of bullfighting in Catalonia. I wonder what will happen now with LA MONUMENTAL. It would be nice if they open it to the public. I would be happy to visit it. Until now I have not visited it because I do not like bullfighting. I still do not understand that Catalan politicians ban bullfighting but not correbous. That makes no sense.

The poster of Miquel Barceló for this last corrida is a marvel.