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Just some years ago to be part of Europe was a sign that whether you were rich or poor you live in a wealthy part of the world were we had peace and stability.

These last months with the crisis of the euro I have the feeling that Europe is falling to its knees.

In some way it is bad news for Europe but in some way maybe it is good news for the rest of the world what may happen in the future.

I remember that when I was younger I was quite sad that we lived in a world with rich countries and poor countries. I always thought that the poor countries had to do something so that the rich countries had to share its wealth. Now what I see is that some countries, like the BRICS, are the ones who talk about helping Europe …

Sometimes, when I thing about Europe, I like to imagine Europe as an old lady. An old wealthy lady that lives from her glorious past but that each day is weaker and the young people around her each day improve their lives while the old lady each day is worse. It is true that the lady is very beautiful and very wealthy but it she has not the strength to fight that you find elsewhere. In fact, even if the lady lives in a very nice palace, sometimes the power goes off because she has problems paying the bills.

On the other hand, next to the palace of this old lady (that I love very much) there are young people who live in new house who work day and night. They are not so wealthy as the old lady but they have a lot of energy. In fact, step by step, they have more money while the old lady has less.

The old lady, has the believe that she is much better than their neighbours. She lives from her past and inside a dream and does not want to admit than in fact her neighboors now are the ones that will rule the future.

She continues living in her palace but each time has less money and she lives from money borrowed from the neighbours.

Well, that’s the way I see Europe nowadays.

If you look to the Mediterranean it is crazy what is going on! In the north of the Mediterranean we may find countries like Spain, Italy and Greece with the crisis of the euro. On the south coast of the Mediterranean, on the other hand, the Arab Spring!

It is as if Europe was crumbling while the rest of the world, or part of it, was emerging from a nightmare.

Maybe now Europe should look more at the Mediterranean Sea. It is possible that soon the Mediterranean Sea is surrounded by democracies! I say that because maybe Europe should look and Greece and other souther countries not as the end of Europe but as the start of a new Mediterranean Renaissance. I know that with the crisis of Greece it is difficult to see this but if we stay less eurocentric we will be able to see that things maybe are not so bad as they may seem.

After all, all the crisis of the euro is not less that a big lesson to learn of how things could have been done better.

Let me end by saying that with the title of EUROPE ON SALE I just want to try to unite eurozone citizens like me against the attack to the Euro. The euro is a great success and it is in fact its success that makes that it is attacked. Never the supremacy of the dollar had been threatened before. I am sure there are people in the wonderful city of London (not everybody fortunately!) and even some in the US that would be very happy that the euro would break apart. I hope that the fact that we are milions of people using the euro that makes us stronger and that we fight to the end for our single currency.



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