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Giełda na Wall Street

The stock exchange, "WALL STREET", seen from the narrow street of Wall Street ...

The protests have reached the streets of WALL STREET and in one of the banners you could read STOP TRADING OUR FUTURE.

It is obvious that something should be done. The way the things go are crazy. It is as if the states had lost any power. The situation is mad. Some countries are full of nuclear weapons that would destroy the world but at the same time they are not able to be the masters of their economy. It is almost childish what is going on!

We seem to be living in a casino where most of us just clean the rooms of the casino and we get paid depending on how the game goes to our masters. I have the feeling as if we were in a prison. The diference with the past is that in each cell there is democracy so the prisoners can choose in which bed to sleep at most.

The problem now is that humankind does not rule the economy. The economy rules humankind.

Some decades ago communism suffered a breakdown with the fall of the iron curtain. What is going on now with the capitalist system?

I wonder how long this situation will last (years, decades) but I have the feeling that we are heading for a very big disaster. Unless something is done.


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