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I have the feeling that some very wealthy people have realised that there is now a better way to get rich than to make weapons and start wars and reconstruction. The way to get rich is through the financial markets. So you just have to put fear on the markets and attack the weakest part of a market so that chaos comes so you can get rich. I wonder if in the Financial Times they know what I am talking about.

I sure that there are very important people behing all the woes about the eurozone collapse. Some people, the FT for example, may think that if you repeat a lot the same phrase it may come true at the end.

I only know that speculators may win now and that maybe the eurozone falls. But one thing is sure for me. That the Europe that rises from its ashes will become stronger and more united. You only have to look to the WWII. Europe suffered a lot but afterwards we learned the lesson and we have had the longest peace that any European has ever seen.

By the way, I am quite certain that the eurozone won’t fall. The eurozone won’t fall for a very simple reason: BECAUSE THE EURO IS JUST MORE THAN A CURRENCY. Classical Greece gave us democracy. Current Europe give to history the EURO.


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