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Some people in Germany may think that in the South of Europe we just waste the money and then we remember the German taxpayers in order to bring order to our finances. Although it is true that something has been clearly made wrong what I want to point out here is that the real winner of all this is Germany. Germany has become an example to follow.

It is true that we are in very difficult times in Europe and around the world but if you look carefully to what is going on we are living in a incredible time that is making Europe a much better place to live! Let me explain why!:

Before the euro was born each country did what it wanted. So, some countries did the things in a correct way and others in not such a correct way. Now, THANKS TO THE EURO, we all know the wrongdoings of some countries. Before the euro, the fact that the Greeks run their country in a bad way did not matter to the rest of Europe. Now, because of the Euro, the wholle Europe is telling Greece that things have to be done in the right way.

So thanks to the Euro, any country in the eurozone has the possibility to improve! There is a challenge. And some people in the south we do not see that as something to oppose but as a very good opportunity to do as the best economies of Europe.

I have been living in Germany for some time and I must admit that there are things I like and things I do not like. I do not like, for example, the weather. But I love the organization of the Germans! So thanks to the Euro, I can dream of living in the sunny part of Europe but at the same time looking at the right things that come from Central Europe.

In brief, what is happening now in Europe it is a glorification of Germany virtues. If the current values of Germany were not desired by the rest of Europe we would be so happy to leave the Euro and have nothing to do with Germany and other countries around.

I just hope that Germans realize that they are not alone in wanting to do things well.

Sometimes I read that some people in Germany are tired of having to pay and pay. I just would propose a change. Instead of wealthy Germany paying maybe the ones to pay should be the wealthy people in Europe whever they live! I am sure that in Catalonia there are people that could pay so much taxes as some German people so I feel it is unfair that German should pay the most. If Greece needs money and it is for the interest of Europe to help Germany then the money should come from the ones having the money: It is nonsense that a German pays more than a Greek, for example, if the Greek is richer!

I say that because I do not like that of rich countries putting the money for the countries in trouble. I think it would be much better richer people of Europe putting the money.

It is not fair that a person in Germany with a normal wage is paying to save the eurozone when a person from a poorer country but with a highest wage receives the money!

I also would tell the German politicians to be very careful of where they put the money. In Spain a lot of European money just went to build high speed railways and useless high speed stations.

So let me end by telling German people that there are people in the south that know your country and admire your country and we want to do then things here so well as you do in Germany. Do not let the people in our countries that do not care about their citizens to mix between Germany and the people in the south that are serious in wishing a new Europe which looks at Germany as an example of things well done. ICH LIEBE DEUTSCHLAND!

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