Fa uns anys vaig sentir parlar del museu dels sants a Olot. Me’n recordo que em va agradar el que van mostrar a la tele i hi vaig pensar anar-hi algun cop. Però han anat passant els anys i ha estat avui que m’he recordat un altre cop del museu ja que ho han mencional al Telenotícies de TV3. Pel que es veu podria ser que el museu hagués de tancar per raons econòmiques. Espero que no s’arribi a aquesta situació doncs el museu sembla molt entranyable.



Today there is an article in The Wall Street Journal about a couple that has moved from California to the Catalan town of Perelada. It is quite interesting to read the article because you see how people from other countries see the country where you live.

One of the things that surprises me is the difference between how people from abroad can see Catalonia and how Catalan people can see it. It is not that the things that are said in the article have no connection with reality. What happens is that what is narrated in the article just shows a little part of Catalonia: the wealthy part of Catalonia.

I remember some decades ago two have met two brothers from Paris who were working outside France. When I mentioned how beautiful was Paris then they told me that their vision was quite different. It is not the same to go on holidays to Paris than to work in a bad job in Paris and live in a banlieu of Paris.

I imagine that something similar happens to California. When you think to go to live in California you may imagine the houses of the celebrities and the beaches, etc. You just do not imagine just to go to California to work in a hard job and live in a no beautiful side of this American state.

Needless to say that life in Perelada is quite different than living in Barcelona. Anyway for anyone coming to Catalonia I will always tell to visit El Liceu.

LINK: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111903885604576488190821247666.html?mod=googlenews_wsj


Kingdom Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Taken by...


I think it is not a good idea to borrow from China. I think that we should do in Europe is change the way of living. Instead of living in a world where we need cars, we need petrol, we need that and that and that I just think we should just try to have all that is related to technology so that we crate a technological society and we let behind the old world of cars and petrol use that has made Europe much poorer while Saudi Arabia has become rich.
I think that in Europe we should return to a more humble way of living but with the use of new technologies around. We should use less and less electricity but in a more efficient way. We need a technological annd efficient revolution.

In this way we can live being independent from China. To lend money from China to live wating the money buiyng petrol is not the future. It can be the future for China but not for the World and for the health of the planet.

Europe shouls think on the basics. We should retain democracy and a society that is fair and with technology. The only way of Europe to survive is to become a more advanced society. The society of each European having a car, a washing machine, etc should be part of the past. It is time we become less individualistic in order to be able to preserve the independence of Europe!

If China lends us money for us to buy petrol to Saudi Arabia for our cars then this is non-sense as we then are twice dependent!: form the dictatorships of the Golf and the dictatorship of China!

You cannot ask to the Chinese not to have cars because for some of them this is something they never had! But in Europe we have had them for decades. It is time we stop being fools. We are wasting money because each time we buy petrol the money leave Europe. It would be better if each European had a tab or computer instead of a car. We should become a continent of citizens at the top of technology!

Barcelona, for example, is a very beautiful city. But the same city without cars would simply be a paradise. And the money could be spent in better things in without leaving Europe!


Berlin at night. Seen from the Allianz buildin...


In Catalonia we are ruled from outside: from Madrid. The government in Madrid seems to obey orders from the eurozone. The eurozone seems to do things according to Angela in Berlin. Now, it can happen that not only Catalonia is ruled from Madrid, Brussels and Germany. Now we may add to be ruled from Beijing.

I am sorry but that’s too much. The eurozone is asking money to China. At first I was very enthusiastic about a deal between Europe and China. But now I am not so sure that this a good idea. Donald Trump was the one that make me see that Western countries are becoming too dependent on Chinese lending. It is absurd I find crazy that the US has an enormous debt that ows to the Chinese and that at the same time I want Europe to follow suit.

China is extremely wise, much more wiser than Europe. So each day it is getting riches while Europe is getting poorer. And one way of doing that is lending money to Europe so that we can continue living in our fairy tale.

Thanks to China now we can try to live as if we were still the wealthy part of the world but by doing that what we are really doing is bringing the decline of Europe and of future generations of Europeans.

My only hope is that people in Europe is enough wise to see that if we want to remain wealthy then we should not waste the money as we usd to do.

In fact Europe could have an advantage with respect to China. That we are doing the things first and then they copy us. This means that we could look forward to new ways.

If Europe knows how to play the card then Europe can remain a nice place to live. If Europe just wants to live above its possibilities then it is obvious that’s the start of the end of Europe.

Anyway, not everybody sees the things this way. There are people who welcome Chinese money as I did just some days ago:

Well, to be ruled from Berlin is not the most wonderful thing that can happen to a continent based on democracy but at least I trust Germany and after all we share the euro. But to be ruled by Beijing? Well, some may say that a help from Beijing does not mean to obbey orders from Beijing. Well, maybe not now, but it is opening the door to the Chinese giant. Maybe the dragon won’t enter our homes but it will be looking at us through the windows …

Let me end by remembering that in Syria now there is a murderer killing its people. China and Russia are turning a blind eye. As I said it is not the same to be rules from Berlin that from Beijing.


Location of the province of Málaga, in Spain.


Strange as it may seem or not there are events taking place in Spain that are easy to read in the international media than in the Catalan media. This is the case of Juzcar, a town in Málaga province that has been painted in blue to shoot the smurfs. Now they people of the town must decide if the town remains blue. For me it is obvious that the best would be to leave all blue because in this way a lot of people around the world would like to be there if they are nearby.



F For Ferdbags


Yesterday watching V FOR VENDETTA I was surprised to see that the mask in the film was the same that you see in the protsts around the planet. I could not believe it. Looking through internet I have noticed that this mask is called GUY FAWKES MASK. And in fact what you see in V FOR VENDETTA seems to be inspire in some events that took place in England 400 years ago when Guy Fawkes and others tried to blow the Parliament.

On the other hand I though that the mas was related to Wikleaks or anonymous. The last time I have seen it was in the protests of Occupy Wall Street.

So now I just wonder if the film V FOR VENDETTA is connected to the protests of these last months. I imagine I miss something because I have never heard no one mentioning this film with respect to the Arab Spring, Indignados, etc.


The UN headquarters in New York


Today is a good day to see how the news we get cannot be trusted at all. The United Nations have said that today we will be 7 billion humans around the planet and the newspapaers and radios repeat that so that what it is something not true it seems true.

Today we may be 7 billion or not because the UN words are an estimation. But the newspapapers seem more interested in the impact of the news than in the real truth.

Anyway, talking about this estimation of being 7 billion people around (today) I just would like to mention something that old people sometimes say: “we are too many”. When you talk to them about crisis, tragedies, etc they alsways think that the problem is that we are too many. I wonder if this thought was a way for them to understand wars in the past. Or a way that the people who started wars wanted to excuse the war.

In any case here in Europe we seem to have a problem of getting too old and not being many while in other places happens the opposite.


Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre, where Boris Alexandr...


I am afraid to say that today I have no idea what time is it in Moscow! I just have read that Russia has maintained summertime. In Barcelona and almost all the rest of Europe unfortunately we have not summertime anymore.

I imagine that with this change in fact the time in Moscow gets closer to the times in Central Europe. And in fact now the time in Moscow and neighbouring countries of West Russian must be the same.

I would like to know more through the Internet but maybe the websited are not updated!


Eurozone map in 2009 Category:Maps of the Eurozone


First of all let me say that I have put in brackets “rich” and “poor” because it is difficult to imagine that the countries who can lend money are poor and the countries who need the money are rich. But anyway, what it is sure is that people in the so”rich” countries live as if the were rich and people in the so “poor” countries live as if the were poor.

So should China lend money to the Eurozone, for example? As I’m writing from the eurozone I have strong reasons to say yes and to say no (yes, because we need the money and no because I do not want Europe like the USA: with China as the bank)

I find it is a bit a shame that the eurozone needs money from countries like China. How can we ask money from a country with hard working people when we just like to live as rich?

I find myself in a very difficult position because although I want the best for the eurozone at the same time I realise that in the eurozone we have ben acting quite wrong.

I don’t like a Europe that lives like a rich continent while the hard working Chinese lend us the money! I don’t want this because it is wrong for Europe and is wrong for China! As a European I find ridiculous to live as rich while in fact is the hrad working Chinese population who is paying! This is disgusting! It is disgusting for the people in Europe who want to live as rich with the money from the hard working Chinese and it is disgusting that the Chinese government do not put the money in the hands of its own people!

I do not know but this eurocrisis seems to me the start of the fall of Europe first and then later the US maybe. We have been living above our possibilities.

The only way to fight back the Chinese power is to do as them. But this is too much for us so I can only see the downfall of the West.I hope to be wrong.