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Eurozone map in 2009 Category:Maps of the Eurozone


I do not know if the European politicians have got crazy but I only hear people asking for Greece government to cut and cut and make reforms so that they can give the loans that Greece is needed. I understand this but not entirely. If you give a loan to somebody it is obvious you have to be sure that the person can return to it. But if this person, in order to return the money, must cut his leg and his arm maybe we should think twice.

I say that because I miss somebody caring about the Greek population! I miss that at the same time that the world asks for austerity in Greece the Eurozone does not have a parallel project of investing in Greece in a kind of Marshall plan!

Common sense tells me that Greek population have a limit. At one pont they would explode! It is necessary that the European Union has a plan to soften what is going on in Greece right now.

Maybe it is time that the rest of the eurozone welcomes Greek workers or something. Something should be done besides asking the Greek government aproving more austerity measures.

Greece is one of the most amazing places so it should not be difficult to try to bring money to Greece. We are not talking about an ugly land with no history. We are talking about a very special place.

Well, I hope somewhere somehow is doing something .


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