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I may be wrong but I have the feeling that if the Greek crisis is not solved soon in about a decade it is possible that Europe becomes again the land of the wars. If Greece is not helped by the rest of Europe I have the feeling that day by day the seeds of mistrust and rage will grow and in some years we will have a Europe filled with Europeans who do not have a common dream but a common nightmare or mistrust and bad feeling.

Things cannot continue like this. It is not just necessary that Greece commits to the things that is required. It is also necessary that the rest of Europe helps the Greek population in this bad situation. It is not our fault the wrongdoings that have brought this chaos but I have the feeling that as we shared a common currency we all are a bit responsible for not having cared enough for the common currency.

So, I think it is necessary that individuals from Europe, at least the eurozone part, begin to give money to the Greek population so that the Greek people can have some hope.

Not to help Greece at this moment may mean chaos in Europe in some years. It is in the interest of Europe, not just Greece, that we help Greece now.

Some decades ago a lot of Europeans died in wars. Some generations afterwards we do not need to die in wars. We just can buy peace! What I mean is that even if the situation now seems bad it is much better that 70 years ago because we still can handle it with money!

Now we are living in a time that it is not just important for ourselves. It can be quite important for future generations. If we fail and let Europe crumble I am almost sure that Europe will just be a fabulous tale of the past like classical Greece is now. It will be the end of Europe as an important part of the worldstage. On the contrary, if we are able to solve the Greek problems then Europe becomes stronger in the international arena.

There is no reason why Europe should try to have so much influence as the US and China. There is not reason why China should not go ahead and become the next superpower while the US is on decline and Europe in agony. There is not reason why Europe should try to be number one. Why not the US or China?
Well, it is just that I happen to be an European and that’s the reason why I want the best for Europe.

Let’s the Europe of nowadays be known in two thousand’s year’s time because people from its different nations united to save just one little part of it. I think it would be the first time on history that people from so many countries unite to help one country. Without the use of weapons. Just in a peaceful way. Just sending money for a country in need.

There was a time when Greece meant culture while most of the rest of Europe meant nothing. That was more than 2000 years ago. Wouldn’t it be nice that history remembers our Europe as the one who, two thousands years late, payed its tribute to that magnificent country?

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