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Today is news in Catalonia the Catalan DJ Sak Noel. It seems he is number one in the UK Singles Chart with LOCA PEOPLE. Sak Noel is the man you see in the videoclip. In the video clip you see too most times the Rambla of Barcelona. In the song there are some words in Castilian that are quite easy to understand but that I want to translate in any case:

LA NOCHE means THE NIGHT (the word noche is one of my favourite words in Castilian, by the way, it sounds so good)


The production house of this DJ from the Girona lands (La Cellera de Ter according to Wikipedia) is called MOGUDA. Moguda is a Catalan word. Its translation into Castilian would be Movida (Have you hear about la movida madrileña with Alaska, etc). Moguda is related to the verb moure which means to move. So I would see MOGUDA as a mouvement related to culture, music, etc.


In the above song you can only listen to the song but If you want to see the videoclip you can go to youtube. You have to sign in because yioutube considers it adult content:

I think that it is the first time that a song related to Catalonia becomes UK Singles Chart number one. So let me congratulate SAK NOEL!

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