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Ryan Jergensen bare footing on Lake Berryessa ...

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Some people do not lile summer. I love it. I dislike very much winter. But there are limits. And today something very strange is happening to my body! It is as if my body had noticed that something weird is happening. Today I feel it is too hot. But it is not really hot. But I feel as if we were in the middle of summer. I feel as if my body was asking a lower tempertature. And I feel that my body is reacting badly. The temperature now where I am writing is 25.5 degrees. This would be a quite nice temperature for summer. In fact I just do not like when it is more than 26 degrees. I remember that this summer it has reached even 27.5 degrees inside.

I do not know. I am waiting for tomorrow because it will be colder. That it is weird for me because I thought I was happy with this weather but my body is not happy! Is it all a thing of my mind or of my body ..?


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