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I had thought about writing this in Catalan but maybe it is better now first to write it in English so that people from abroad realise  that somebody in this part of the world realises how serious the sovereign debt crisis is.

During centuries the relations between Catalonia and Spain have not ben good. With this post I am not trying to improve these relations. The ones in Catalonia who like to be in Spain are welcome to this post. The ones who dislike to be in Spain are also welcome. Both are part of the Catalonia of nowadays.

Let me say what I want to say.

According to what I read it seems that the future of the world, economically speaking, can be in the hands of what happens in Italy and Spain. If the sovereign debt in Spain or Italy collapses this could mean the collapse of the euro and a global economic crisis. A kind of 1929 or much worse.

So, I can understand that for historical reasons some people in Catalonia may be are not very happy with Spain but I imagine that they have nothing against Catalonia and the rest of the world. So it would be crazy to be happy of the collapse of the Spanish sovereign debt because the blow to Spain would be a blow to the world and milions of people around the world would suffer the crisis including, of course, ourselves.

So what I am saying is that we are living now in a very urgent situation and Catalonia, as one of the wealthiest part of the Spanish State maybe could do something so that the world does not collapse!

I think it is time that we try in Catalonia to bring trust to the international markets. I think that Catalonia should support Spanish sovereign debt. I have even thought that for those who maybe reluctant to this they could speak loudly at least to support Italian sovereign debt in any case. But it is important that at this extraordinary time of history we realise that if the Spanish and Italian ship crash agaisnt the coast it is not just bad for the ones who are inside the ship. It is also bad for the coast because the toxic cargo would be spilled along the whole coast. And the coast would be Europe and the rest of the world. I understand that some people in Catalonia want to be out of the Spanish ship but I imagine that their love for Catalonia is not in contradiction with their love to a coast free of toxic waste.

So I would like at this very difficult moment in world history that the president of Catalonia, Mr Artur Mas, would make an historic speech supporting the Spanish and Italian sovereign debt. This would send a message to the world and what it is also important to other politicians in Spain who feel very Spanish like. If they see that a very nationalistic man like Artur Mas is defending with all his strength the economy of Spain it is obvious that they would realise how serious the problem is.

Some people around the world must know that the relations between Spain and Catalonia are usually not good, at least currently. It would be a very strong message to send to tell all this people that Catalonia in this case is supporting the spanish sovereign debt.

Anyway, another possibility, the foolish one I would say, is to be happy that that State called Spain that so badly treats Catalonia collapses. Maybe somebody may think that in a Spain in collapse Catalonia may had more opportunities to be independent. Well, I am sure that the rest of Europe and the world would be happy to care for a Catalonia new status when just the whole world is in the best financial crisis ever. I am sure that the world would be very happy to care about us …

History will tell which was the role that Catalonia took in the Spanish sovereign debt. I hope that history books do not blame Catalonia in any way.

Anyway, the future is not writen anywhere, so nobody knows what will happen.

From this website I support totally the Spanish and Italian sovereign debt. I think we should begin to buy sovereign debt to show our trust in this part of the world. If just the fact that we speak a different dialect from Latin makes us not realise the importance to help Spain economy nowadays it is a big pity. As history may recall …


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