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First of all, let me say that the BBC has been one of my favourite channels of information and entertainment for decades. You just have to go to their website to see one of the best – or just the best – information website of the world. I have been in love with the BBC for decades and when in London, one of the first things I did was to go to Bush House. There is a shop where you can buy BBC “souvenirs” too.

I have always seen the BBC as a serious source of information.

But recently the BBC has been news in the Catalan and Spanish press. let me tell you why.

The first time was because the BBC interviewed Alessio Rastani. He said that each night he dreamt with a recession. In this case I did not like the words of Alessio but I think that the BBC was neutral to the news.

The second time there was a eurosceptic that was all the time calling a EU worker “the idiot form Brussels”. This time I was unhapy with the BBC because even the BBC journalist said something like “what you say, idiot in Brussels?”.

The third time is an interview with Robert Shapiro. According to this FMI adviser we could have a collapse of the European bank system in two or three weeks.

So, recently the BBC is always news in Catalonia because somebody dreams EACH NIGH of the fall of the euro, because the BBC allows insult to an European spokesman and now because somebody tells thew BBC that Europe System Bank may collapse in two or three banks.

History will tell what happens with the euro but I am afraid that maybe the BBC by having such interviews  is changing the course of history for worse. Because all these talk about the fall of the euro and the insult to the euro supporters is not just news. It is a way to influence future news.

Anyway I feel sad that each time I read a bout the BBC is because somebody is affecting, with his words, the credibility of the euro.




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