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The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989. The photo s...


When you think about a war you can imagine the wars of the past or possible wars of the future but I have the feeling tht we may be currently in a kind of very weird weird war.

Let me explain …

Some decades ago, there was Nazi Germany. It was an evil regime who wanted to control Europe and beyond. To do that it occupied other lands and sent bombs to London. The UK and the US defied this regime and we all know how all this ended.

Some decade later we have learnt from past sufferings so we have decided not to kill each other. Now we have a democratic Germany but this current Germany has one thing in common with nazi Germany. Both Germanies have been powerful.

In contrast with nazi Germany the current Germany is a lovely place to live. So now what we have is again two strong powers! The power of the US and the power of Germany. This time, of course, I am not talking about military power. I am talking about economic power!

So what we are seeing now with the attack to the euro I think it is in fact a kind of war for economic supremacy. On one hand we have the US and the UK and on the other hand we have Germany and the eurozone! I am convinced that there are people in the UK and the US would be happy that the euro falls. The reason why they are angry now with Angela Merkel is not because the Euro may fall but because they realise that Germany has created such a strong currency that if it falls they also get affected by the fall! And this is what some people dislike. I am sure that some people in some London newspapers would be happy if the euro falls apart. The are only sad that this would affect their economies too.

So, I think that in fact what we are seeing now it is a kind of repetition of WWII but in a very sophisticated way and also civilised way.

This war is so weird that the ones who attack the euro remain anonymous.

So, once I see a kind of economic war against the euro I feel I must support the euro. This time Germany it is in the good side of history because on the other side we have the speculators.

Germany with the euro has reinvented itself. The Germany of nowadays does not export hate and racism. It exports a democracy made of people who work and do things in a proper way! Now Germany it is a model for most Europeans. I love Germany. And that’s the reason why the Euro is attacked. because the Euro is a success!. And because they know they can’t attack Germany they attack the weaker parts of the euro: Greece and now also Spain and Italy. They want to divide us. They know that Europe, if united, is invincible, economically speaking, so they want to divide Europeans. So they attack Greece ans the south economies because in this way they divide us. Well, this time they won’t win BECAUSE NOW GERMANY IS IN THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY and a lot of people in the eurozone are happy and proud of Germany.

I am sure that thre are people outside the eurozone wanting the collapse of the euro because in this way they know that we the Europeans would be less confident about ourselves and people would trust more them! The only way they see to have stronger currencies is by making the euro weaker. This is just a great symbol of how great the euro is and how weak the other currencies are.

Tell me who is really behind Fitch, Moody’s, Standard & Poors and the Financial Times and I would tell if I am a bit right or not about my suspicions. For now just let me point out that the neither the rating agencies nor FT are located in the eurozone. There are just located in the US and the UK.


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