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Europe at night.


Please, don’t misunderstand me …

When I say how beautiful is Europe I am not saying that other places are not beautiful. I am just saying that I find Europe very beautiful.

It is a kind of fairy tale with different people speaking different languages. A land with different ways of acting and behaving.

We have, for example, the Italians. If you asked them how they see themselves it is easy that they mention the differences between them. At the same time people from other lands have different opinions about the Italians. Different opinions with different accents. Really, the most I think, the more I see this land as a fairytale.

Unfortunately this fairytale sometimes goes wrong as we all know from last century.

At the moment the peoples of Europe are in a wonderful moment of their history (they are susprisingly not killing each other and they are one of the most wealthiest part of the world still …) but they are feeling weird because they know they have a lot to loose!

If the euro is such a worry is not because it is a bad currency but because it is such a good currency to lose it.

As a European I ‘ll do all I can to suport the euro because for me the euro is just more than a currency. It is the other moon of the European skies.

Let me end that by making a chant to Europe I am not saying anything against other places. I come from Africa, as anyone reading this and I am proud of it.


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