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These post is dedicated to Frau Merkel and Monsieur Sarkozy.
As we are in a very difficult financial situation maybe sometimes some of us forget to see details that we did not miss before.
Now when we read “Merkel and Sarkozy” we may think about the eurozone and we maybe angry with them or just hope that they solve the eurozone crisis.

The situation is so bad that maybe we maybe missing something that for better times could be worth.

When people in the future read books of history they may read something like “Both Merkel and Sarkozy were not able to avoid the collapse of the euro”. Or, in the best case, we could read “Both Merkel and Sarkozy, quite surprisingly for the people of that time, were capable not just of saving the euro but to make this currency the most important currency of international trade since the 21st century”. In any case I wonder if they will miss what we maybe missing now.

I think that we maybe missing the funny thing of their meetings. The reason of their frequently meetings is so serious that it seems that to worry about other aspects of their meetings is not oft made.

So I want to make a big effort and try to forget that the euro is my currency and that I live in the eurozone and I will try to see their meetings as an outsider.

So, once one forgets for some seconds that their meetings are connected to my future, I find quite amusing their meetings.

As most couples are made of a man or a woman, the fact that Angela is a woman and Sarkozy is a man makes that when we seem them together they look almost as if they were a kind of fathers of Europe! Mam and Pap!

If you look to it coldly and seriously it is true that the meeting between Angela and Sarkozy is just a meeting between the German government and the French government by their most important heads. But we are humans still so we still dream and imagine things so that when I see them together in some way I am seeing a Mam and a Pap. Furthermore they seem to be acting like a Mam and a Pap.

A Mam and a Pap with some children. The meetings of Merkel and Sarkozy would be the ones of Merkel and Sarkozy to bring peace to a family. Some of their children are cause trouble inside the family and Sarkozy and Merkel are the fathers who want to put peace.

The funny thing is that when you see Merkel and Sarkozy as Mam and Pap at the same time they are quite weird parents. First of all they do not live together as usual. They only meet when there is trouble. Besides, their children are very weird children. Some of them do what they want (they spent too much) as if they were adults but at the same time they act as little children when they need Pap and Mam to solve their lack of money. On the other hand Merkel and Sarkozy seemed lovely parents because they meet too oft to talk about the family problems but it is easy to suspect that maybe they are more worried about themselves than about their family. One may have the suspicion that they just care about the family because they know that in fact they need their children to feel like the Pap and Mam of them. After all the children are not children of them but they play this game because Merkel and Sarkozy like to play like Pap and Mam. They need the others to play the rule of children of them in order to be the main part of the family. They need their children in order to fulfill their dreams of grandiosity. On the other hand, the children find ridiculous this game but they accept it because we all know that in a family Pap and Mam are the ones who work for the rest.

I imagine that the current problem in this weird family of Mam Merkel and Pap Sarkozy is that they are beginning to be a bit tired of some of their children. They are unhappy because some of their children spend too much.

I imagine that the only reason why this weird family does not split is because even if Merkel and Sarkozy are the ones who pay the bills they get some of their wage from their own children.

So this is a family where, like an old fashion-family yet, each person of the family has a different rule and each one needs the others.

Maybe the family of Merkel and Sarkozy is not the best family that one can have but it is much better that the one we got some decades ago with Hitler as the master and destroyer of the family.

Anyway, I would like a Europe where there was not Mam and Pap telling others what to do. But as some countries have behaved in a childish way I imagine that while we have children we will have parents.

I wish the best to Merkel and Sarkozy. It is true that the Merkel and Sarkozy family is in high trouble but as long as we stay all as a family, both parents and children will be able to play together. Let’s remember everybody that we are still 17 and that we all like to play our games togheter. And we play with the euros.

Never in my life I had been more sure about my support of the euro. I do not see the euro as a currency. I see the euro as the other moon of the European skies. One moon that makes Europe shine worldwide.


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