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One of the things that distinguishes Europe from the US is that in Europe we have a lot of languages of our own while in the US they just speak an European language. It is obvious that Europe cannot be understood if you do not take into account its wealth of different languages.

But I think that it would be good to have a common language. I know this is difficult because it is difficult to choose. Italians may say Italian is the most beautiful language so that Italian should be the chosen one. The French could say that the french language is related to glamour and the Germans could say that their language makes you concentrate on what you are saying.

Sometime in Europe when we think about other langauges of Europe we just see them as foreign languages and instead of seeing the closeness we just see the differences.

For example, Castilian and English may seem quite different but in fact for a Chine person they may look not so different: they used almost the same letters! What I mean with this is that even if English may seem a language quite different to castilian, French, catalan or Italian, it has something in common: the letters, the alphabet!

So, I think it would be a god idea to make English the language of Europe! Why English?

This are my reasons:

1. It is the language you can use around the world (is not that enough reason?)

2. It is a European language

I think that The English language should not be sen as the language spoken by the British and the American but as a European language that is understood worldwide!

If we chose the English language as the official language of Europe, the fact that in the US also speak English would make the official language of Europe even stronger!

Needless to say that besides the English language all the rest of languages would be official in their lands too! So that Europe would remain a place rich in diversity and at the same time being able to be strong around the world.



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  3. João ⋅

    I think that your idea is not good for some reasons.

    First, erasing a language is the first step to erase a country. Because it is part of the nation concept. If you take away that, then it is a very little step to erase cultural identity and consequently making Europe a version of United States.

    Second, Countries like Germany or France would never vever accept that english would be the new language given their historical disputes, and in the case of Germany the penalties they already suffered following WWII, they would not stand the change of language because it would feel like submission again.

    Third,. European and Far East countries are dramatically different from USA simply because there are thousand year old roots and that is the beauty of it.

    EU is a dream simply because it is the union of countries that have come this far to accept the fact that together we are stronger. And countries are unifying by will and not by force. Forcing countries to have the same language would be a step backwards.

    Thanks and have a good day

    • I am afraid that I have made a mistake in my post! When I say that I would like English as a common language I don’t mean that the German, the French, etc dissappear! German would continue to be the language of Germany and French the language of France! I am just talking about adding a language! So that we all can understand each other in English. But in no case I am talking about erasing languages! I love German language, I love French language, I love Italian. What I mean is that we could have both ways: each land with its own language and at the same time a common language! In this way Europe wins because it has two things: the diversity of languages that the US does not have and at the same time one common language. I am talking about adding a language. Not about erasing any language!

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