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Until know THE.CAT is a webiste written in Catalan and English mostly with news related to Catalonia or Europe.

Taking into account that THE.CAT is just a DOMAIN HACK (like WHO.IS, ITUN.ES, BLO.GS, …) I just have thought that maybe THE.CAT would be a good place to write about DOMAIN HACK. After all THE.CAT is a domain hack and it is quite easy to remember. It does not seem to me a very strange idea. Maybe it would be the first Catalan website related only to DOMAIN HACKING. So people would come to THE.CAT and would finde a website written in Catalan and in English about DOMAIN HACKING.

So in THE.CAT I would explain the meaning of DOMAIN HACKING, I would write about the history of DOMAIN HACKING. I even put examples of current or old DOMAIN HACKING and I also could link to websites that auction DOMAIN HACKS. Or to websites that create DOMAIN HACKING.

In any case, I just have created for now a post with some information about all this:


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