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Girona in Spain at night.


In the international press you can read that two European aid workers have been kidnapped in Kenya. In Catalan newspapers I read that one is from Madrid and the other is from the Catalan town of Girona. Some months ago three Catalan people were released after Spain presumably paid the ransom. So it is not wonder that there is a new kidnapping. I propose that this times the things go different. I propose that the Spanish politicians change the Spanish constitution so that no ransom can be paid. As an alternative I propose that an organization makes a fund to pay for kidnappings. Any person who pays this fund will be listed so that the next time somebody kidnaps somebody we will know if the person kidnapped agreed to pay.

So let the people who want to pay to the kidnappers pay. But not from the money of everybody. They have kidnapped two Spaniards because they know that Spain payed last time. They know that in Spain now we have general elections on November 20th so they will say that Spain must pay before that date. It is a blackmail to the Spanish democracy. My answer is not. If we pay again then we will never be sure anywhere! These two women have been hijacked because we paid the last time. I remember perfectly well how Mr Sarkozy disagree with Spain that time. Spain did not act as a serious country and now we are paying the consequences.


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