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Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.


I do not know. Maybe it is just me. I do not know. For some months I am imagining that some kind of tragedy is going to happen in Europe. I know that the situation in Europe it quite bad but in comparison with my terrible thought now Europe is just a wonderful place to be.

Let me explain myself.

For some months I am imagining that things go worse and worse in Europe. I cannot say if the worsening is quick or slow but I have a kind of nightmare. I imagine that day by day the Europeans lose faith in themselves. Then anything can happen. I imagine more protests through the strrets of Europe. Now and then we see an increase in bad relations between different countries of Europe. This won’t happen just tomorrow but I am seeing that now we have the seeds for trouble in place.

I may be crazy but I imagine a Europe that it is total chaos. There are countries in the world that are poor but they are improving their situation so their people maybe optimistic. But in Europe I just can imagine a lot of frustration! Because we are used to live in a way that it seems that won’t last anymore. It is as if Europe is each day poorer and poorer. And this will mean trouble. I imagine a lot of strikes. I imagine a EU with some country leaving it. All this nightmare scenario may take place this year or next year or maybe we will need a decade to fall. But I have the feeling that Europe will fall because we have not a dream. We just live in a dream. Other parts of the world were not living in a dream but they had a dream.

Since the end of WWII a lot of people in Europe have improve their conditions. Now it seems that all the opposite may happen. I do not think that we may have a European war like the one in WWII. I just imagine kind of civil war around the countries. I just imagine chaos.

Sometimes I have the feeling that the Internet has some connection with all this mess. It is as if human kind thought that Internet was going to solve the things. The Internet maybe has made us forget the real things.

Maybe it is time we return to the real world.


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