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The Wall Street Journal

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I read at THE GUARDIAN about a scam of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL in Europe. But I do not understand why was wrong for the WSJ to bring the newspaper free to students at University. It seems that the WSJ is accused of a scam because it wanted to boost its figures by giving almost free copies to students at University (well, the things are not exactly like this. You can read the article at )

Well, I won’t mention the names but here in Catalonia sometimes you find newspapers for free at buses or at universities. I never thought there was something wrong with that. I just thought that the newspapers wanted to have new readers so they put free prints at buses and at universities. It is obvious that by doing that their circulation is increased but what’s wrong with that? Is is not possible for a newspaper to give free prints?

I imagine that the problem with the WSJ maybe is that all this was done in a dark way or something. Because if you give a lot of free prints with transparency I cannot see what’s wrong.


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