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Since I registered THE.CAT I have seen this domain as a European domain. Without the English language and the Catalan language this domain would not exist. Thanks to some Catalan people we has the .cat domain and THE.CAT is meaningless if you have not take into account the English language.

Of all the domain hacks possible I have the feeling that THE.CAT is quite a good one. But I am sad that such a good domain hack is not a worldwide success. At the same time I am quite worried about the future of the Eurozone.

So I have thought that THE.CAT could become a worldwide known domain if behind THE.CAT there is the support from, for example, Germany. I like a lot Germany and I wish that here in Catalonia would learn from Germany.

So with this post I just want to say that I would be happy to share a project about THE.CAT from people in Germany or the Eurozone. I see THE.CAT as an European domain but currently I see it as a way of helping the eurozone.

My idea it would be to have a domain written in Catalan (this is a .cat domain, let’s remember!) and German, English, etc. Who knows, maybe it could be written in the languages spoken in the eurozone at least.

With this partnership what I want to show is that if in Europe we unite our strengths we are invincible.  Thanks to Catalonia love for its language we have the .cat domains. Thanks to the English language THE.CAT is an easy domain hack to remember. Now it is only needed the expertise from other parts of Europe to make THE.CAT a European success.


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