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THE.CAT suggests itself as the new name for the VLA

The Very Large Array at Socorro, New Mexico, U...


During years I have been wondering who may be interested in such a domain hack as THE.CAT. So when I read that the VLA was looking for a now name I suggested THE.CAT.

I imagine that it would seem a bit crazy to suggest this name for the VLA so here I give some reasons to chose it!

– It is very easy to remember worldwide

– It is a name related to the Internet, so to the time when this new VLA begins its new life.

– The cats see things that human are not able to see. As radio telescopes.

. The cats are known for its curiosity. The radio telescopy is born of curiosity.

– It could have the website THE.CAT as a redirecting page to the telescope page!

– T.H.E coud stand for THE HIGH EYES.

Anyway, if you want to suggest another name for the radio telescopes array in New Mexico you can go at

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