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Vista aérea de la mancha de emisiones volcánic...

Image by Presidencia del Gobierno de Canarias via Flickr

When we read the word volcanoes in the news it just may mean some eruption that brings big tragedy to the people around the volcano. It is obvious that what is happening in the Isle of EL HIERRO, in the Canary Islands, is not a good thing for the people there but at the same time it is very fascinating! We are been spectators of the birth of an island!

Some days ago I was looking up at some drawings in an old book and there they showed you how a volcano was born. What we are seeing in EL HIERRO  is amazing because we see as nature works and how humans can even know a bit in advante how nature may work. The images of green at sea next to EL HIERRO make me wish that soon we have a documentary related to what has happened in EL HIERRO. We must not forget to that the Canary Islands are in fact volcanoes so that what is happening now is a way to understand the birth of the Canary Islands. We are just the ones who are been alive and aware at the time of the birth of another Canary Islands island! An island that will stay for thosands and thosands of years and that we were present at its birth! Isn’t that ultraamaziiiiiiiiiiiing?

By the way, “el hierro” means “the iron”.

To end let me suggest that EL HIERRO authorities should open a webpage so that people around the world can suggest the people in EL HIERRO a name for the new island! I cannot imagine a better way to promote torism to the island that let possible future tourists to help choosing the name of the “new kid in sea”.

NEWKIDINSEA is one of my suggestions … so

(I imagine they would not like to call it THE.CAT but if they wished that … this domain would be all theirs!)


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